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The Mobile Revolution…Make that “Evolution”

 While, as we’ve heard before, consumers increasingly live their digital lives on mobile devices, so marketers must also re-think, re-define or even dismiss tried-and-true strategies to meet consumers where they are and when they’re ready to hear from them. The writing has been on the wall for a while. It comes as no surprise that… Continue reading »

Driving Foot Traffic by Understanding Today’s Consumer Across Platforms

This column was written by Richard Stalzer, CEO of Voltari, a company that develops predictive analytical solutions for the mobile space. Voltari optimizes mobile advertising campaigns from the start, learns and optimizes automatically in real-time, and provides insights.  Over the past several years, mobile lifestyle has become about so much more than the smart phone.… Continue reading »

Second Screen Rising

I wouldn’t call myself a second-screen junkie, but my wife might disagree. My typical stimulant is the Internet Movie Database app, which is always a tap away when we’re watching TV. I’ve always had a strange obsession with searching on IMDB, realizing that so-and-so actor was also in that, or that so-and-so director wrote the… Continue reading »

Selectable Media’s Matt Minoff on Digital Content and The Partnership with Microsoft

Matt Minoff is CEO of Selectable Media, a leader in enabling consumers to unlock digital content through advertising. The Makegood recently spoke with Matt about the new partnership with Microsoft and Selectable Media’s content unlock model. The Makegood: Matt, six years ago, you were professional basketball player in the Israeli Premier League and Corporate Finance… Continue reading »