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Are We There Yet? What’s Taking So Long?

Are we there yet? What’s taking so long? No, I’m not a 10 year old sitting in the back of my family’s car, dying of boredom (or at least it usually feels like that), desperate for an ‘update’ from my parents on when we’ll arrive at our ‘destination.’ But I am a content marketer and… Continue reading »

Five Common Planning Shortcuts that Jeopardize Results

It’s no secret that agencies are under increased pressure to condense both timing and costs when working with their clients.  A good agency knows where in the media planning process it’s less risky to take shortcuts and where taking days out of the schedule will do serious damage. When agencies are under the gun, whether… Continue reading »

David & Goliath’s Seema Miller on the Importance of Strategic Planning

Seema Miller is the newly appointed Executive Director, Head of Planning at David&Goliath, a full-service, independent creative agency based in Los Angeles. Miller most recently served as Head of Strategic Insights for JCPenney in Dallas. During that time, she restructured the research team into insights and strategy centered on seeking truths and telling compelling brand stories. At David&Goliath… Continue reading »

Are We Ready for Email to Change?

If you’re surprised that you’re still reading articles about email marketing in 2013, you shouldn’t be. It may only represent 0.5% of digital ad spending, but even that small amount still means roughly $210 million in 2013, per eMarketer’s latest digital ad spend share data. The mere mention of outbound email in a planning session… Continue reading »

Good Apple’s Al Muzaurieta and Nedim Aruz on Digital Media

Al Muzaurieta (right) is Founder & President, and Nedim Aruz is Co-Founder and Vice President of Good Apple Digital, a full service digital media planning and buying agency. The Makegood recently spoke with them about their niche in the marketplace, media planning and brand engagement. The Makegood: Nedim and Al, you met each other over 10 years ago working as media planners at… Continue reading »

Buyers, Sellers and the KPI

We all believe that campaign success is a mutual quest. So, why is it that when publishers ask an agency for the KPI on which performance is being measured – the request often goes unanswered? Don’t we all need to reference the same playbook? Is it not the goal of both the agency and the… Continue reading »

Are You Still Planning and Buying Media Like It’s 2007?

When I first started out in media planning I used to make fancy slides smothered in Smart Art. The conversion funnel slide showing high impact buys and how it filtered down the funnel to remessaging. Delicious. One of the last slides would always be the snapshot of the media plan and media mix. Usually it… Continue reading »