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How to Filter Bias from your Media Plans

  On our way to becoming media generalists, we are first specialists.  And the medium we first specialize in can hold a special place in our hearts like a first summer crush. But solid rationale and a wide range of considerations are the drivers of successful campaigns, and letting our feelings get in the way… Continue reading »

Yes, Everything Is Broken

Indeed, everything is broken. I was reading the above-linked piece, thinking about the bigger picture with respect to the systems we’ve all come to rely on.  The power grid, the pipes that bring drinking water to your home, the telecom infrastructure – if something catastrophic were to happen to any of those systems, how many… Continue reading »

No, The Web Can’t Survive Without Advertising

“If you’re not paying for it, you’re not the customer; you’re the product being sold.” – Someone on MetaFilter This quote is awfully popular with the anti-advertising crowd.  You know the type.  They believe that the Internet was once successful as a non-commercial medium and it can be so again, if it weren’t for all… Continue reading »