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People of Ad Tech: LKQD COO Scott Alexander

LKQD COO Scott Alexander tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that the transition from Flash to HTML5 video ads has been uneven, as a lot of ad inventory still uses the Flash code base. Publishers understandably want to be ready for ads using both formats; that’s the problem LKQD formed to solve. Music: “Morning Rays”… Continue reading »

Four Ways to Prepare for the Post-Flash World

  While some might argue that Flash has had one foot out the door for some time, Google, Mozilla, and Amazon indisputably delivered the killing blows this summer. In June 2015, Chrome introduced an update that will “intelligently pause” Flash animations, which means that starting in September, all Flash-based ads will appear as a static… Continue reading »

Flash’s Impending Death Brings Marketer Benefits

    Flash’s days are numbered. And that’s probably a good thing for digital advertisers. Calls for Flash’s head on a platter hit a fevered pace this past week. The Adobe software has been a mainstay for rich web ads and extended website functionality since the late 90s. There was even a time when almost… Continue reading »

Adcade Launches HTML5 Ad-building Platform

 Rob Cromer is currently the CEO and a Co-Founder of Adcade, a cross platform, HTML5 rich media vendor and 3rd party server. The company has built a custom HTML5 Canvas-based advertising framework from scratch that is able to replicate any and all animations that can be done in Flash, as well as tapping into the native device… Continue reading »

Kenny Rosenblatt on How Arkadium Monetizes and Retains Consumers

Kenny Rosenblatt is the Co-Founder and CEO of Arkadium Inc. a game development company headquartered in New York City. He was educated at Syracuse University and started the company in 2001 with his wife, Jessica Rovello. Today, Arkadium is one of the leading developers of online casual games with offices in Canada and the Ukraine.… Continue reading »

Geoff Schiller Promoted to Chief Sales Officer for Hearst Digital Media

Geoff Schiller is the Chief Sales Officer at Hearst Digital Media and the President of 212, New York’s interactive advertising club. We recently spoke with Geoff about his new role and upcoming initiatives. The Makegood: Geoff, congratulations to your recent promotion to the Chief Sales Officer at Hearst Digital Media. What are your new goals in… Continue reading »

Canned Banners’ Myles Younger on Where Display Ad Creative is Headed Next

Myles is head of marketing and business development at Canned Banners, a platform that automates and streamlines display ad design. I caught up with Myles on the state of display ad creative. Tim Nichols: Everyone keeps predicting the death of the banner ad, yet Canned Banners has staked its business model on making it easy… Continue reading »

Kristine Welker and Hearst Build a Cross Platform Future

Kristine Welker is the Chief Revenue Officer for Hearst Digital. We spoke with her recently about her background and how Hearst Digital is preparing for the future. The Makegood: Kristine, in 1999 you began working on CosmoGIRL!, a magazine that was at the forefront of digital. What was it like to be working on, what… Continue reading »