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Kill the Backfill (with Native)

It’s established; native advertising is a viable revenue opportunity for publishers and one of the best content tools for marketers looking to create brand awareness and engage with audiences. What isn’t established? How to scale this revenue opportunity without devaluing it out of relevance (like we did with the banner). We are seeing increased chatter and… Continue reading »

Don’t Guess – Use Smart Data to Measure Success

 Higinio “H.O.” Maycotte is the Founder and Chief Executive for Umbel. H.O. previously served in founding roles for several companies including the Texas Tribune, one of the first online non-profit media organizations, Flightlock (acquired by Control Risks) and Finetooth (now called Mumboe). As the great-grandson of the Mexican general who shot off Pancho Villa’s leg,… Continue reading »

Brand Search Must Be Earned

 In perfect world, all that digital marketers would need to do to is buy (inexpensive) brand search terms, sit back and let the steady flow of potential customers click, visit, and purchase. The strategy would be highly efficient and be able to operate at maximum scale. Unfortunately, brand search does not just appear, it must… Continue reading »

College Students: The “Made-To-Order” Generation

We are pleased to welcome Elizabeth Harz as a contributor at The Makegood. Elizabeth is Vice President of Business Development at Chegg Inc., an online academic hub that connects students to the people and tools needed to succeed in college through homework help, course selection, eTextbook and textbook options as well as school and scholarship connections. When… Continue reading »’s John Farrar on Smarter Digital Buying and Delivery

 John Farrar is President and General Manager of, a Valasiss digital company that uses the most precise targeting technology to deliver “probability over possibility” and “action over exposure”. The Makegood recently spoke with John about how the measurement tools in advertising are currently changing. The Makegood: In June, you announced an alliance to address Viewable… Continue reading »

Don’t Bully Your Content Into Favoring Quantity Over Quality

When I first left the world of journalism as an on-air reporter for NBC News in Montana, I had little knowledge of what a job in public relations really entailed. In the early 2000s, public relations professionals were doing a lot of overt selling of their clients’ value, products and services. There was a lot… Continue reading »

The Customer Journey Is Just Like Dating

Christopher Skinner is a frequent speaker at Google conferences and other digital industry events. He founded MakeBuzz in 2001 and has worked with over 250 leading companies, including Vodafone, Target, United Airlines and Oreck. Look for Christopher’s  column the 1st Tuesday of every month.   You wouldn’t walk up to a stranger on the street and ask them on… Continue reading »

The Power Of Tapping Into All Your Data

This column was written by Premal Shah, VP, Strategy at Chango, a real-time marketing technology company with an advanced platform and full-service solutions for brands and agencies. Premal is responsible for leading best practices and partnership strategies across all media solutions and the Programmatic Marketing Platform (PMP). When most people hear the word “retargeting,” they… Continue reading »

AdMonsters and’s European Digital Video Outlook

AdMonsters and released the ‘2013 European Digital Video Outlook‘. The report covers the ‘State of the UK Online Video Advertising Industry’. Research points to advertisers’ evolving perception of online advertising and highlights the challenges. 86% of UK advertising agencies purchased digital video inventory in 2012, with 62% listing brand awareness as a primary goal.… Continue reading »

Is native advertising the saviour of mobile for publishers and marketers?

I’m going to be totally honest and say that I had originally planned to fill this this article with a diatribe about mobile display advertising. I was going to criticize the misleading stat that click through rates  are 15 times higher on a mobile, (50% of which occur in error I might add), especially in view of… Continue reading »