Fueling App Growth: How Kiip Is Accelerating Publisher Payments

In the competitive, fast-paced world of app publishing, innovation and nimbleness are everything. But as any app publisher will tell you, innovation and nimbleness don’t come cheap. The cycle of reinvestment within the app ecosystem is fierce, with each dollar of revenue vital to future development. The problem? All too often, the payment cycle can be a slow one, with publishers waiting months to access their accrued earnings from in-app ad revenue.

That’s why mobile marketing and monetization platform Kiip has partnered with global payments and liquidity platform Qwil to increase the speed and ease with which publishers can receive and access their ad payments. The move represents yet another step in Kiip’s quest to improve the transparency and efficiency of the mobile in-app advertising ecosystem.

“The digital advertising industry is disappointingly opaque, with several go-betweens slowing down the flow of dollars from brand buyer to app developer,” said Brian Wong, CEO and founder of Kiip. “There’s absolutely no reason for it to be this way, which is why part of Kiip’s mission is to ensure an optimal experience for every stakeholder in the mobile ad experience. Our recent blockchain-backed product launches have sought to resolve discrepancies and inject transparency into the mobile ad ecosystem. This partnership with Qwil goes one step further, accelerating the payment timeline to ensure our app partners can continue to grow.”

Through this new partnership, Qwil’s payment infrastructure helps Kiip with global payment processing and on-demand payouts, avoiding the cash flow gaps that often arise from long advertiser/brand payment collection times. The collaboration, which marks the first time Qwil has worked directly with an ad network platform, is already benefiting Kiip publisher partners Sweatcoin and Bluee through on-demand access to accrued earnings.

Kiip’s advertising solution is deployed by more than 10,000 apps and uses anonymous, event-level data points to connect brand advertisers with consumers during moments that matter to them. Wong founded Kiip in 2010. Since then, Kiip has worked with more than 500 brands, including Coca-Cola, Kellogg’s, Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, and McDonald’s.