Introducing: Humans of Ad Tech

The Makegood is proud to introduce a new feature, Humans of Ad Tech, which will run regularly on Wednesdays.

As media and technology combine to produce ever-more-compelling ad products, one of the things we can overlook is the human side of the business. Makegood Contributor Bill Brazell will be seeking out some of the top personalities in the ad tech space to ask them some tough questions about what they’re doing with their companies. And he’ll make a short video feature to showcase some of the most forward-thinking personalities behind some of the most innovative companies. We’re not sure about the name of this show, and we would welcome a better one. If you come up with the winning name by the end of February, then we will *almost certainly* interview the exec of your choice.

This week, Bill talks to Joe Zahtila of Qriously.  Check out the video.  And if you would like to see Bill profile a company, or ask a CEO a tough question, let us know at