“So, What Are You Going To Do With The Makegood?”

I’ve spent so much time thinking about The Makegood the past few weeks that my brain aches a bit.  But before we get into it, let’s revisit the developments of the past couple months.

Matt Straz and the team at Namely put in a lot of time and effort to get The Makegood to where it is today.  My team and I at Underscore had contributed quite a bit of content to the site, and when it came time for Matt to seek a partner to help with the publishing operation, he reached out to us.  We were more than happy to help, but it wasn’t long after taking over the day-to-day content responsibilities that I became very interested in acquiring The Makegood.

I’m happy to say that we were able to quickly broker a deal and that signatures were put to paper a little over a week ago.

I really applaud Matt and the Namely team for what they’ve been able to accomplish here.  Once I got under the hood, I was very pleasantly surprised at the regular readership, particularly in a sector where ‘Content Overload’ is the norm and every trade publication seems bent on getting in its audience’s face several times a day.  People really do find the content here to be very valuable.

And they should.  The Makegood is about the media business.  If you look at a marketing plan that has any kind of scale to it, the investment in media is usually the largest line item.  I’m not just talking about the money that marketers put toward their TV buy or what they invest in innovation in the digital sector – I’m also talking about the manpower poured into managing media investments.  Just the scale of it makes getting it right incredibly important and vital to success.

Marketers put a lot of money and effort into media investments, but they don’t always have time to think about the minute details of things like campaign execution, ad tech or why one DSP is better than another.  Simply put, the person who directs marketing investment doesn’t get concerned about “Five Simple Tips for Not Screwing up Your Ad Tag Syntax.”

See where I’m going with this?

Our new mission is going to be simple.  The entire slate of contributors to The Makegood is going to be tasked with answering one simple question with every contribution: What can I teach someone today that will help them make sure their media investment works harder?

We’re going to do our best to help answer that question every day without overwhelming readers or getting so deep in the weeds that we lose track of the editorial mission.

We want to answer that question for the marketing VP so she can give brand managers better direction for the role Content Marketing might play in their plans.  We want to answer it for the director in procurement, to help him develop an efficiency play that drops dollars to the bottom line.  We want to answer it for the agency executive who wants that one bit of intelligence that helps every client on her agency’s roster.

Some of the greatest minds in the business are going to answer those questions with passion, conviction and expertise.  You’ll notice that over the past week, we’ve integrated some pieces from new contributors that will let you know exactly what to expect from The Makegood in the coming weeks and months.  Here’s a sampling of who we’re bringing on board:

  • Jim Meskauskas – A former business partner of mine, a longtime agency veteran and an unbelievable genius, Jim has taught me things about the media business that make me more effective at delivering results every day.  Last week, Jim clarified the role Big Data ought to be playing in our marketing efforts and cautioned us against having too much faith in technology’s ability to turn data into intelligence.  And you’re going to be hearing a lot more from Jim on Tuesdays.

  • Alan Chapell – Alan should be everybody’s go-to guy when it comes to privacy issues.  When one of my largest clients wanted to know the real deal behind the self-regulation effort for Online Behavioral Advertising, I called in Alan.  On Friday, Alan wrote a great piece about how we ought to be thinking about privacy in a world where little is outside the reach and scope of Facebook’s data collection.

  • Chris Tuleya – I’d call Chris a top-class subject matter expert even if he weren’t running the Direct Response team at my agency.  Set him loose in a meeting of top marketing execs and you’ll see why.  Last week, Chris questioned why search marketing tends to be isolated by advertisers and agencies alike, when its very success depends on it being integrated tightly with other channels.  And he’s right.

So that’s what we’re up to at The Makegood – Top-flight experts giving you simple advice that helps you maximize your media investments.

Sound good?  Great.  We’re happy to have you aboard.