Top 10 Reasons We’re Glad You’re Back From SXSW

Article contributed by Jordan Bitterman, Senior Vice President, Digitas

10. @Bre, @fivethirtyeight, @garyvee and @elonmusk need a rest. 9. There’s a boat-load of work to get done around here. 8. Every time you tweeted a picture of your barbeque, WE gained weight. 7. Your use of “inside hashtags” was disorienting. #fakeSXSW 6. Thanks, but we would like to get back to hearing about bands we know. 5. Our streams had 127 tweets/min between 10A – 3A and the nothing for the 7 hours in between. #DrunkatSXSW. 4. Now that you’re back, the only line you’ll have to wait will be at your HR office explaining why you Instagramed all those party pics. #badchoices 3. With all that rain over the weekend, we were worried that you might catch a cold. 2. We’re using all those new apps, anyway. 1. Sorry if we sound bitter. We missed you.

Jordan is the Senior Vice President and Social Marketing Practice Director at Digitas, a top global integrated brand agency.