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People of Ad Tech: TruSignal Marketing VP Pete LaFond

TruSignal Marketing VP Pete LaFond tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that his company uses offline profile data to better understand the people it’s targeting online. He describes an upcoming self-serve interface that will enable people to combine a sample customer list or CRM data with offline data. Finally LaFond, a former Yahoo exec, offers… Continue reading »

The Top Five Makegood Articles of 2015

December rolls around, and another year has passed. Fifty-two weeks gone in a snap, with another set ready to roll out at the stroke of midnight, January 1st. And in that time, we’ve published some great pieces. We’ve listened to you, our readers, and noted the ones where you just couldn’t get enough. Last year… Continue reading »

Are You Gemini? Yahoo! is, so You Better be Prepared

Just when you thought that nothing truly exciting occurred any longer within the search landscape (can any digital tactics be considered mature?) we get an announcement from Yahoo! and Bing that they have made changes to their search partnership agreement. This announcement signifies big changes to your search efforts; indeed, advertisers should already be working… Continue reading »

Mozilla & Yahoo: Choice and Innovation or Constricting & Imitative

Though it’s been said, many times, many ways, the art of search and find is second to the science of click and pay. Case in point: the recent Firefox bed hop from Google to Yahoo will be the gift that keeps on giving throughout the year—we’re just wondering whose tree is getting all those presents.… Continue reading »

Have Bing and Yahoo! Given Up the Search Race?

The continued meteoric rise of Google as the top US and International search engine raises the question of whether Google is great at marketing themselves or whether Yahoo! and Bing have just given up the search fight. Tell someone outside of the marketing industry that’s share of US searches has reached 67.6% and you… Continue reading »

What Will Yahoo’s Acquisition of Tumblr Actually Mean?

Today Yahoo announced that the company intends to acquire microblogging platform Tumblr for $1.1 billion. This is an important event for the two companies, their users, marketers and the New York startup ecosystem. Here are some of the good things that will likely happen from this: Success. New York City has not had a fully… Continue reading »

Let’s Bring Back Branding

Editor: Mario Diez is the CEO of Quadrant One and has been at the forefront of the New York digital media revolution for over a decade with companies like PointRoll, Centro and Datran. The last few posts on The Makegood have reminded me of conversations I have had with Matt over the years. Jerry’s post… Continue reading »

Why New York Needs AOL

AOL has been the subject of intense media scrutiny over the past few weeks. The transformation from an internet access business to a media company has not been easy, especially when sideshows like TechCrunch distract from the serious business at hand. Also, there have been reports that AOL is seeking a merger with Yahoo! Will… Continue reading »

Confessions of a Former Ambassador

Jerry Shereshewsky is the former Ambassador Plenipotentiary to Madison Avenue for Yahoo and now Chief GrownUp at GrownUp Marketing. As one of the original Mad Men from advertising’s golden age, he helped to turn Yahoo! into a display ad powerhouse during the 2000’s. He authored the following post: A few days ago I saw a… Continue reading »

Yahoo! Fires Bartz But Nothing Has Changed

If you worked in digital media during the mid 2000’s the recent fall of Yahoo! under Carol Bartz has been a sad spectacle to watch. Never before has so much goodwill across the buy side of the industry been squandered so quickly. The house that Wenda Harris Millard and her sales and marketing team built… Continue reading »