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People of Ad Tech: Robert Daniel

Executive Robert Daniel tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that transparency (in the kinds of data being sold and the fees being charged) and verification (of billing accuracy) will both surge in the year ahead. Arguing that talk about the Google-Facebook duopoly is overdone, Daniels says there’s still a lot of room for growth for… Continue reading »

People of Ad Tech: TruSignal CEO David Dowhan

TruSignal CEO David Dowhan tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that his company just raised $5 million to help DSPs use offline data — including voter-registration files, investment files and car-purchase data — to build people-based lookalike audiences for online targeting. Music: “Morning Rays” by Jim Duffy. Used with permission.

People of Ad Tech: Blackwood Seven North America CEO Mark Zamuner

Blackwood Seven North America CEO Mark Zamuner (whose company TWO NIL recently merged with EU-based Blackwood Seven) tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that Artificial Intelligence can now inform media plans with client-transactional and media-placement data, benchmarking predictive results to actual results. Music: “Morning Rays” by Jim Duffy. Used with permission.

Bringing Transparency to Vendor Capabilities through Crowdsourcing

The digital ad ecosystem is fraught with fragmentation, transparency issues, and not to mention a cornucopia of vendors that all seemingly can hit and exceed your performance goals, all while reaching your target audience, across any screen, in the right context, at the perfect time they’re ready to convert. But let’s be honest here. There… Continue reading »

Insist on Three Types of Transparency in Programmatic

If anyone could point to a critical trend within the programmatic ad buying landscape, it’s transparency.  The term has been on the lips of most of the programmatic vendors pitching our agency lately, a dominant subject at recent programmatic conferences, and the subject of several opinion articles written over the past several weeks. But there’s… Continue reading »

Sir Martin, This Is Why There Is Debate About Transparency

At ad:tech London last week, Sir Martin Sorrell, the omnipresent, omniloquacious leader of WPP, expressed befuddlement and concern by the growing debate about transparency in the programmatic marketplace. He said, “Being agnostic is critical. I have to say I’m a bit troubled by the debate around transparency.” Now, forget for a minute how much I… Continue reading »

Programmatic Needs A Human Touch

To the uninformed masses, programmatic advertising is nothing but a cold world of automated machines and algorithms, leaving little room for human involvement. In reality, a successful programmatic advertising campaign is anything but robotic. A large community of marketers, agencies, data management platforms and the like use their skill and insight to make the programmatic… Continue reading »

The Dawn of the ‘Human Era’ Brand

 What makes us human? It may come as a surprise to hear that brands all over the world, from start-ups to blue-chip corporations, are beginning to ask themselves this exact same question. In an industry where consumers continue to crave that personal touch, businesses are forced to take stock of how they communicate with the… Continue reading »

Bruce Morris Joins NAI as VP Member Services

 Bruce Morris recently joined NAI as VP Member Services and Business Development. NAI is the leading self-regulatory association comprised exclusively of third-party digital advertising companies. Prior to joining NAI, Morris was EVP, Managing Director of SourceMedia. The Makegood recently spoke with Morris about his new position. The Makegood: Congratulations on joining the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) as VP… Continue reading »