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Is Your Tech or Media Firm Organized Like the St. Louis Rams?

Thursday night, over 25 million Americans will tune into the first professional football game that matters, after 212 days of hibernation, as the 95th NFL season commences at the home of the reigning Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks. It is a rematch of one of the most talked about games of the previous season, now… Continue reading »

Serving Fans at Live Events

Ever go to a baseball or basketball game and miss a big play because you’re stuck in line for a hot dog or a beer?  Or endure long lines for libations or fan merchandise at concerts or summer music festivals when you could have been basking in the music? Or perhaps you market food, beverages… Continue reading »

The Economy of Fun and Digital Start-ups

Recently I’ve been intrigued by two start-up businesses. Neither has reinvented the wheel, or innovated, but both have significantly disrupted their markets. On paper each business might sound ridiculous propositions, and had they been pitched before they were proven successes, I would imagine them to be laughed out the boardroom by VCs. Before I reveal… Continue reading »

Three Meetings Agencies Should Stop Having in 2014

Last year, my agency announced it would stop meeting with ad networks, except in very specific circumstances.  It’s a common sense decision, driven by our need to be efficient with where we spend our time, as well as an obvious redundancy and conflict of interest on the network’s side. Thanks to accelerated investment in the… Continue reading »