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The Importance of Radio in the Overall Media Mix

I’m not part of an agency creative team, rather a media professional that has over the years worked closely with the creative department at various agencies.  Sometimes, the creative department can go into an assignment thinking radio creative isn’t very sexy.  They think it’s limiting in its execution; “you can’t win any big CLIO awards”… Continue reading »

Is Your Media Plan Overlooking the Opportunity in Radio?

I’ve come to accept the fact that digital advertising in all its forms is the medium of choice for many marketers these days. Digital has been the recipient of innovations such as animated banners, video integration, smart watches, Social Media, and in App Ads that have taken the medium beyond its creative, targeting and tracking… Continue reading »

Is Howard Stern Still the King of All Media?

As Stephen Colbert prepares to take over the Late Show reins from David Letterman on September 8th, the average age of the late show hosts will drop by almost 14 years since Letterman and  Leno dominated the scene. This change is a significant sign of culture icon Howard Stern’s impact over Generation X and the power this… Continue reading »