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People of Ad Tech: ZipSprout CEO Megan Hannay

ZipSprout CEO Megan Hannay tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that her company, which comes out of the SEO space, realized that marketers had a hard time finding local nonprofits to sponsor. So it began matching sponsors with local charities. Music: “Morning Rays” by Jim Duffy. Used with permission.

How to Increase Views on your Promotions with the CoPromote Platform

 Mike More is the CEO and Founder of CoPromote, a co-marketing platform to help people connect with new audiences and increase their social shares on Facebook and Twitter. More also founded Selectable Media, a distributed media company. The Makegood recently spoke with More about CoPromote. The Makegood: CoPromote is a great way to share promotions online. Could… Continue reading »