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Four Predictions for The New Year from LiveRail CEO, Mark Trefgarne

Mark Trefgarne is CEO and Co-Founder of LiveRail, the leading video monetization platform for publishers with more than 3bn impressions (25% of all online video ads) delivered via its platform each month and more than 2.5bn ads served in October 2013 alone according to comScore. This is Mark’s second contribution to The Makegood. Mark has been CEO at… Continue reading »

Everything You Wanted to Know about Attribution Modeling but were Afraid to Ask

  In my last contribution to The Makegood, I touched on some of the challenges that we face within the programmatic industry that are impeding our transition from efficient advertising medium to effective advertising medium. Today I’d like to highlight another important data-focused lever within that dynamic: Attribution Modeling. The importance of determining how credit for… Continue reading »

4A’s Singleton Beato on Cultural Diversity in the Advertising Industry

 Singleton Beato is the Executive Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion and Talent Development for the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s). Founded in 1917, the 4A’s is the national trade association representing the advertising agency business in the United States. The Makegood recently spoke with Singleton about diversity in the advertising field and the future of… Continue reading »

What On Earth Am I Going To Do With All Of This Data?

Scott Ashby is the Managing Director of MEDIA iQ, North America. Scott’s background includes 15 years in local and international media sales and management, encompassing B2B, consumer print, e-commerce, TV, and Digital Strategy. After an eight year stint at Microsoft, he joined MEDIA iQ in 2012 and is responsible for building, launching and developing their performance… Continue reading »

Ad Week Summary: Outdated and Confused

Ad week didn’t accomplish much this year. We left the week not understanding nor defining major trends in our industry nor sussing out what the hell everyone does in our space. We blurred definitions further between programmatic premium and private exchanges as well as native advertising as an emerging category. Ad Week fell flat for… Continue reading »

Are We There Yet? What’s Taking So Long?

Are we there yet? What’s taking so long? No, I’m not a 10 year old sitting in the back of my family’s car, dying of boredom (or at least it usually feels like that), desperate for an ‘update’ from my parents on when we’ll arrive at our ‘destination.’ But I am a content marketer and… Continue reading »

Karping About Creativity

Last week I attended True University, a two-day seminar for startups hosted by True Ventures, the west coast venture capital firm. The event, held at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California, brought together over 250 people from True’s 150-plus companies. It was a highly creative group of people working on some exciting problems. During our… Continue reading »

When is it Pointless to Advertise?

Advertising remains a growth business with annual global ad spending more than half a trillion dollars. Digital advertising is growing even faster thanks to usage and its ability to target consumers. Despite this there are situations when advertising can be pointless—and sometimes even harmful—for a brand. Here are some examples: Corporate disaster. It’s often best… Continue reading »

Why Do We Like Bullies?

Last week Rutgers University fired their men’s basketball coach for his abusive behavior toward his players. His acts, caught on video, included a range of behavior typical of a schoolyard bully: name calling, pushing and kicking his players. The coach, who was supposed to be the leader his team, was allowed to inflict his abuse… Continue reading »

That’s What She Said: Brick Walls and Boiling Frogs

For decades, gender roles have been pretty divided in the workplace. Men, for the most part, aren’t shy about vocalizing their demands – whether it’s negotiating their salaries up front, asking for raises or increasing budgets to add additional staff. I myself can attest to the fact that female professionals, however, are bound by a… Continue reading »