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Free Bird

By the time you read this, Snoop Dogg may be Twitter’s new CEO. With the ‘resignation’ of Dick Costolo on June 11th Twitter finds itself back in the all too familiar land of Spanish TV Novellas.  The Twittersphere, media pundits and Chris Sacca have all outlined their theories to right Twitter’s woes. Jack Dorsey is… Continue reading »

David&Goliath’s Director of New Business, Kingsley Taylor, on his New Position at D&G

Kingsley Taylor was recently hired as David&Goliath’s Director of New Business. David&Goliath is a full-service, independent creative agency based in Los Angeles. Prior to this, Kingsley was employed at Ogilvy as Global Business Director. The Makegood recently spoke with Kingsley about his legacy at Ogilvy, and what he hopes to accomplish at D&G. The Makegood: Congratulations… Continue reading »

How To Retain Your Top Performers

The market for salespeople, account managers and engineers is so fierce today that recruiters, startups and established companies are all trying to attract the best talent. How will you retain your top performers in the face of such competition? The key is to build a culture and process that naturally repels your competitors. Here are… Continue reading »

Four Signs Your Agency Hasn’t Staffed Your Account Adequately

When you engage an agency to help you address your marketing goals, you’ll often see a nice org chart that gives you details on all the people servicing your account.  Each person on the chart plays a different role.   You might hear from some of them every day, while others you might interact with very… Continue reading »

Making a “Case” Out of It!

You are sitting in weekly sales meeting and your sales leader asks, “Who’s got new case studies we can use?” The room is eerily quiet as heads tuck down and eyes are averted. Very rarely does one just “have a case study” on hand. Yet, salespeople are constantly asked to provide case studies to management… Continue reading »

The Hottest Management Trend in Media and Technology

How do high-growth companies manage their people and teams today? Increasingly, the answer is with OKRs: Objectives and Key Results. Originally invented at Intel, OKRs were adopted by Google in 1999 when the company was less than a year old. Since then many other companies have adopted some form of OKRs, including a growing number… Continue reading »

Organic’s Sarah and Katie on Nurturing Human Connections in the Digital Age

Digital marketing agency Organic recently named Sarah Montague and Katie Healey as SVP, general managers of San Francisco and Detroit, respectively. In their new roles, the women will oversee Organic staff and accounts based out of their individual offices. The Makegood recently spoke with Sarah and Katie about their new roles and how they plan to continue building human… Continue reading »

Why Do You Think There Are Makegoods, Anyhow?

I’ve founded three companies and at some point each one necessitated that I apologize to a customer that we had disappointed. Early stage media and technology companies are especially prone to error. It’s a time when you have more vision than code and a team that is still figuring things out. At my last startup,… Continue reading »

Get Hired: 10 Tips for Landing a Job

Like a lot of companies, we’ve been making a number of hires recently. There are some great candidates on the market, including recent college graduates. But it’s surprising how many people mess up the most basic aspects of applying for and getting a job. Here are ten tips for getting hired: 1. DO what is… Continue reading »

Firing People is a Lousy Way to Build a Company

There are some CEOs who believe that you should only hire “A” players and fire everyone else that doesn’t measure up. I am not one of them. Don’t misunderstand—I have fired people who cannot or will not do what is asked of them. But I don’t believe that automatically thinning the herd is a good… Continue reading »