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People of Ad Tech: Bauer Xcel Media President Christian Baesler

Christian Baesler, president of Bauer Xcel Media — the digital division of Bauer Media Group — tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that while his company still has a direct-sales team, it no longer relies on direct sales. The company’s lean media strategy empowers its editors to use analytics to focus on the stories that… Continue reading »

People of Ad Tech: California Sunday’s Chas Edwards

California Sunday President and Publisher Chas Edwards tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell about the two paths publishers can take today. One path, Chas says, garners all revenue from digital platforms, so — because online advertising doesn’t pay much — such publishers focus on volume, producing many stories per day and disseminating them across social… Continue reading »

Why Doesn’t Bloomberg Businessweek Cover Women?

107 issues. More than 2 years. That’s how long it’s been since Bloomberg Businessweek has featured a female businessperson on its cover. You have to go back to May 16, 2011 when Sheryl Sandberg was featured to find a female executive who made the grade. Who did make the cover during that period? Tim Cook,… Continue reading »