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How Accurate Is The Internet’s #1 Source of Medical Info?

    How accurate is the #1 source of medical information on the Internet?  Click for the full size infographic.      

5 SEO Assignments That Are Doomed From The Start

Happy Friday!  Don’t you hate it when this happens?

Explain It To A Kindergartener: How Data Profiles Are Built

Here’s a neat infographic for the next time you have to explain how consumer data is matched to cookies.

Infographic: Happy 20th Birthday, Banner Ad

Congratulations, banner ad! You’ve turned 20, and you’re looking pretty good. Despite all the evolution that has occurred in the ad tech space since your birthday on Oct. 27, 1994 on, you’ve endured, though we now more often call you a display ad. You’ve proven your worth over and over, but now you’re evolving. The… Continue reading »