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Digital Needs a De-cluttering

A lot has been written about the interview Group M’s Ari Bluman gave earlier this year when he announced Group M’s intent to get off the open ad exchanges by year’s end.  Pulling away from the open exchanges is an interesting decision, but what I found more interesting was what Bluman and Mediapost left unsaid.… Continue reading »

GroupM’s Mike Bologna on Addressable TV State of the Union

GroupM’s Mike Bologna, Director of Emerging Communications, provides his opinion on Addressable TV State of the Union in a recently released report. According to Mike, over time, every media channel will possess the ability to deliver a targeted message to the appropriate consumer at the ideal frequency. See the full report by clicking on the link… Continue reading »

TV’s Future is Fragmented, Non-Linear and Addressable

Mike Bologna sits at the intersection of the media advertising industry’s present and future. Originally a digital media planner at MEC, Mike left the world of ad banners and founded MEC’s emerging communications department where he focused on creating interactive television opportunities for clients. Now the director of emerging communications for GroupM, he has the… Continue reading »