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People of Ad Tech: ZipSprout CEO Megan Hannay

ZipSprout CEO Megan Hannay tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that her company, which comes out of the SEO space, realized that marketers had a hard time finding local nonprofits to sponsor. So it began matching sponsors with local charities. Music: “Morning Rays” by Jim Duffy. Used with permission.

People of Ad Tech: Aki Technologies CEO Scott Swanson

Aki Technologies CEO Scott Swanson tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that Aki was able recently to raise $3.75 million because it targets users based on “ad receptivity” — that is, on the kind of moment they’re probably having. Swanson says too few ad campaigns offer enough creatives to reach people appropriately. Music: “Morning Rays”… Continue reading »

Growing Fast: Dstillery Announces Series C Funding

Tom Phillips is the CEO of Dstillery, the pioneer in cross-device audience targeting for brands. Prior to joining Dstillery in 2009, Tom was at Google and managed media platforms and the DoubleClick integration before establishing the Search Analytics team to pioneer new uses of Google data on behalf of major advertising clients. The Makegood recently spoke with… Continue reading »

Rant Media Experiences Accelerated Growth

 Brett Rosin is currently the CEO at Rant Media, a leading innovator in online media consumption. Prior to Rant, Rosin was an amateur pitcher who co-founded RantSports in 2010. The Makegood recently spoke with Rosin about Rant’s accelerated growth.  The Makegood: As a former baseball player, you are aware of exactly the type of information sport enthusiasts are… Continue reading »

IgnitionOne Completes $20Million Series B

 Will Margiloff is currently the CEO at IgnitionOne, a global leader in cloud-based digital marketing technology providing a world-class proprietary platform and expert services to improve digital marketing performance. Margiloff also founded Innovation Interactive, a digital marketing services firm. The Makegood recently spoke with Margiloff about IgnitionOne’s Series B. The Makegood: Congratulations on IgnitionOne’s $20 Million Series… Continue reading »

President of Rocketrip Dan Ruch on Recent Funding from Canaan and Genecast

 Dan Ruch is currently the President at Rocketrip, a travel management and rewards platform that engage employees as partners in managing travel costs. Prior to Rocketrip, Ruch held positions at TACODA and GroupM where he dealt with several well-known brands. The Makegood recently spoke to Ruch about the funding Rocketrip received from Canaan and Genecast. The… Continue reading »

Appia’s Jud Bowman on His Company’s Recent Debt Funding and Future

 Jud Bowman is Founder and CEO of Appia, the leading mobile user acquisition marketplace, delivering mobile app downloads to over 700 million users across 200 countries. Ranked #22 on the Wall Street Journal’s 2012 Top 50 Venture-Backed Companies, Appia provides non-incentivized performance mobile solutions for developers, publishers and advertisers. The Makegood recently spoke with Jud about… Continue reading »

HookLogic’s Jonathan Opdyke on Enabling Brands to Become Direct Marketers

 Jonathan Opdyke is CEO of HookLogic Inc., the global leader in commerce search advertising. HookLogic Inc enables marketers to influence in-market shoppers and Win the Moment of Truth™ on the world’s leading retail, travel, and automotive sites. John recently spoke with The Makegood about his latest investment round and the competitive landscape that his company faces.… Continue reading »

Martini Media Inc.’s Skip Brand on How to Reach the Most Affluent Consumers

Skip Brand is Founder CEO of Martini Media Inc. Martini Media is a digital media and content platform specializing in engaging the most affluent and influential audience online. Fresh off of a new round of funding, the company now looks to expand in all directions, including globally. Skip spoke to The Makegood about how Martini Media Inc.… Continue reading »