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People of Ad Tech: whiteBULLET CEO Peter Szyszko

WhiteBULLET Solutions CEO Peter Szyszko tells WIT Strategy Partner Bill Brazell that many brands are inadvertently paying to advertise on sites that host illegal content. Szyszko’s company scours the web for such sites, using AI to enable programmatic bidders to evaluate site legitimacy in real time. Music: “Morning Rays” by Jim Duffy. Used with permission.

Three Things You Can Do Right Now to Guard Against Media Kickbacks

Yes, media kickbacks do exist.  We know, because they’ve been offered to us.  (And before you ask, the answer is no.  We didn’t take advantage of them.) Former Mediacom CEO Jon Mandel caused something of a stir last week at the ANA Media Leadership Conference, asserting that media agencies aren’t living up to their fiduciary… Continue reading »