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Why Meredith Xcelerated Marketing Says Content Is Always First

Dan Davenport is the Content Director at Meredith Xcelerated Marketing, a leading content-powered, customer engagement agency that provides fully integrated marketing solutions for some of the world’s top brands. For the past dozen years, Dan has managed the creative component of numerous custom-publishing projects for Meredith Xcelerated Marketing. He has led customer-communications programs for clients from virtually every… Continue reading »

Jun Group Finds that Advertisers Have Shifted Digital Goals

 Mitchell Reichgut is the Founder and CEO of Jun Group, a premier social video company. Prior to Jun Group, Reichgut was the Creative Director at Bates Worldwide Advertising, where he helped grow the company’s client base. The Makegood recently spoke with Mitchell about a recent study. The Makegood: Jun Group has recently released data showing that brand… Continue reading »

Do Upfronts Make Sense in the Programmatic Age? Not So Much.

Upfronts are upon us. And once again it’s clear just how far digital has come when compared to TV. Where brand dollars are concerned, digital is clambering for its rightful place at the table. Historically, brands have loved the TV upfronts. They showcase content for brands, and allow them to buy commercial time to reach… Continue reading »

Destinations are Dead

The symptoms are all around us, to the extent that I think we can safely say that the destination is dead. Deep linking, crowdsourcing and search technology were bound to change the way we think about destinations on the web and in mobile.  I’m just surprised it’s taken 15 years and not 15 days. The… Continue reading »

The Content Marketing Dilemma, at What Point do You Need to Sell Your Brand?

Branded content isn’t new. John Deere was publishing a magazine for farmers as far back as 1895. But it’s bigger and better than ever before. According to a survey by the Custom Content Council and ContentWise, 37 percent of the total marketing budget went to content marketing in 2013. It took a while for some to catch… Continue reading »

Women: Make your Content Matter on SheSpeaks

 Aliza Freud is the Founder of SheSpeaks, a marketing platform that  inspires women to discover, influence and share products. Prior to founding SheSpeaks, Aliza was an executive at the American Express Company’s Global Advertising and Brand Management group and led global brand enhancement initiatives. The Makegood recently spoke with Aliza about the nature of SheSpeaks. The Makegood:… Continue reading »

Why These Branded Content Underdogs Command R-E-S-P-E-C-T

What you want Baby, I got What you need Do you know I got it? All I’m askin’ Is for a lil respect when you come home… Oh, Aretha Franklin. She sure knows how to make you feel the power of those words. She may not have been a marketer, but even back then she… Continue reading »

Microsoft’s Newfront and the Next Front for Content

 Do you smell it? The aroma of pleasantly buzzed media planners wafting all about Manhattan this week? That’s right, it’s some kind of –front time – and since a digital reporter like moi is getting invites, it must be the Newfronts. Agency buyers and brand representatives are being shuffled up- and downtown to one glitzy presentation… Continue reading »

Taking Content from Good to Great: How Video is Pushing Good Content to the Forefront

 As the digital media industry evolves, video messaging has become another way to deliver content to consumers.  Consumers want content that’s easy to access and enjoy, and video content is one of the most engaging ways to deliver that.  Marketers are challenged to produce good content and video has become another tool in taking good… Continue reading »

5 Fool-Proof Ways To Amplify Your Brand Story With Data

 In the world of B2B, content marketing is king. It’s become that highly desirable, hard-to-perfect ‘status’ both brands and marketers hope to attain. It makes me think of standing in line at an ultra hot, super hyped up nightclub in New York City. There’s a red rope and a long line around the corner of… Continue reading »