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People of Ad Tech: Netseer CEO John Mracek

Netseer CEO John Mracek explains to WIT Strategy‘s Bill Brazell how his company uses concept targeting in order to improve advertiser ROI. The company’s academic founders use ‘content graphs’ to better understand user intent. By anonymously tracking user’s page consumption, Netseer can create a cookie-based understanding of the people most likely to be interested in… Continue reading »

NetSeer’s ConceptGraph Reading Between the Lines

 John Mracek is currently the CEO of NetSeer, a ConceptGraph intent engine that delivers exceptional ad performance across desktop, mobile, and video inventory. Prior to his leading position at NetSeer, Mracek was VP of Advertising Product at Yahoo. The Makegood recently spoke with Mracek about the intent engine. The Makegood: NetSeer uses a program called ConceptGraph,… Continue reading »