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New Arenas of Magazine Ad Revenue

It’s no surprise that the consumer magazine industry is struggling to secure Ad pages and keep their publications vibrant. But how many of you know that a fair amount of the well-known publishers such as Hearst, Time Inc., Bonnier and Meredith, have line extensions that are revenue generators for their brands? Are the publishers really… Continue reading »

Buzzfeed Rejects Trump Ads

It is no surprise that the Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump has ruffled feathers from the very beginning of his 2016 presidential campaign. From his offensive comments towards women to his extreme views on immigration, Trump has not been shy expressing his often controversial political views. Up until now Trump has been winning primary elections… Continue reading »

Ad Blocking Is Not a Generational Problem

I’m not one for petty blamestorming when it comes to the collapse of the implied contract, but this definitely set off my irony meter. Let me get this straight…  The APAC head of a major programmatic agency is blaming ad blocking on millennial attitudes?  This strike anyone else as the pot calling the kettle black?… Continue reading »

People of Ad Tech: Smart AdServer’s Romain Job

Smart AdServer U.S. General Manager Romain Job tells WIT Strategy‘s Bill Brazell that today’s publishers need integrated tools in order to optimize the balance between direct-sold and programmatic ads, and says online publishing will soon bring ad buyers and sellers closer together in a way that will enable publishers to retain more revenue. Music: Jim… Continue reading »

People of Ad Tech: Varick Media Management’s Jim Caruso

Varick Media Management VP of Product Strategy Jim Caruso explains that ‘transparency’ has become a loaded word, why value may be a more important goal — and describes recent progress in programmatic TV and native.

Data Shock: Wasn’t Programmatic Supposed to Make Our Lives Easier?

In his 1970 hit book “Future Shock”, Alvin Toffler argued that as humanity progresses, the stress of an ever-connected, rapidly evolving, “super-industrial” world creates social paralysis. His main point — that more technology will not necessarily make life easier — certainly holds up when it comes to marketing data, and particularly the effect of programmatic… Continue reading »