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Why Do We Need Another Ad Tech Company?

I recently had the privilege to have a conversation with Chad Little, co-founder of his new company called Adhesive, which will be focused on show-stopping CPC ads that generate exceptional performance. Mr. Little has had a long successful history as a serial entrepreneur, including his last company Fetchback that was acquired by GSI Commerce in 2010. Tim Nichols… Continue reading »

James Curran of AdStaq Talks About Integrating The Ad Technology Bundle

James Curran has spent the last decade working in and building ad platforms. As former product and business development lead for Lotame’s Data Management Platform and a product manager for Advertising.com, James has seen a historical trend in the use of multiple ad platforms by companies and believes it points to where they will be taken… Continue reading »

Claire Bishop of MMGY Global Discusses Integrated Travel Marketing

Claire Bishop is in charge of strategy, planning and implementation of all digital marketing at MMGY Global. Her experience in online retail and branding programs includes tactical components such as display, affiliate, OTA merchandising, social, mobile and search. Claire believes in the importance of digital branding as well as transactional engagement and has contributed to… Continue reading »

Canned Banners’ Myles Younger on Where Display Ad Creative is Headed Next

Myles is head of marketing and business development at Canned Banners, a platform that automates and streamlines display ad design. I caught up with Myles on the state of display ad creative. Tim Nichols: Everyone keeps predicting the death of the banner ad, yet Canned Banners has staked its business model on making it easy… Continue reading »

AdPeople’s Simon Hjorth on Globally Connecting Brands with People

The Makegood is pleased to welcome Tim Nichols as a contributor to The Makegood. Tim is the Principal Media Director at Exact Drive and has been involved with digital media and the online advertising space for nearly 10 years and has been with Exact Drive since its founding. Most recently, Tim played a key role… Continue reading »