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Ad Week Summary: Outdated and Confused

Ad week didn’t accomplish much this year. We left the week not understanding nor defining major trends in our industry nor sussing out what the hell everyone does in our space. We blurred definitions further between programmatic premium and private exchanges as well as native advertising as an emerging category. Ad Week fell flat for… Continue reading »

Ageism in Ad Land

Advertising is still obsessed with the young and the beautiful, but when it comes to their employees they expect certain tenure. ‘Paying your dues’ is par for the course in climbing the ranks of ad agencies, but savvy, young admen and women are finding bigger roles elsewhere thanks to the increase in startups in the… Continue reading »

SMBs: A Social Platform’s Next Challenge

Facebook and Twitter have finally gained traction with agencies and large advertisers. Now, social platforms are looking to SMBs as the next client to bring onto their platforms. Social platforms are trying to solve this initiative with self-serve, dashboards, and measurement tools. However, it wasn’t that long ago that social platforms had a hard time… Continue reading »

2006 Blogger And Advertiser Marriage: Trust Still Missing

Jeff Jarvis wrote a piece in April 2006 for the Guardian to “propose an open ad marketplace that would allow advertisers to find the best blogs and bloggers to find the best ad deals.”  He lists three main concepts to accomplish this: metrics, workflow (ease of implementing code for ads), and trust.  Broadly, the concept… Continue reading »

“Reading The Daily” Tweeted No One Ever

In a room with Rupert Murdoch and a few other smart guys, the following conversation occurred during the conception of The Daily (ok, not really).  “I have an idea! Let’s start an iPad only newspaper app where we charge users a small fee to wait 2 minutes each day for the app to update.  We’ll… Continue reading »

Platform Agnostic vs. Platform Exclusive: What’s Best? (and do you own an iPhone?)

Two recent events in the Digital Media industry have tested the ‘plat-ag’ vs. platform exclusive theory: 1. Google’s announcement of their tag management solution and 2. FBx.  Platform agnostic brands, startups, and agencies main USP is being able to shift gears easily and adapt to the most current and innovative technologies available.  Yet a major… Continue reading »

F-commerce: A Platform Problem, Not a Performance Problem

F-commerce has a performance problem just like Bob Dole.  However, unlike Bob Dole – F-commerce hasn’t found its magic blue pill yet.  Every major tech outlet has highlighted why F-commerce sucks.  Some attribute it to social media ‘gurus’ with no real business experience in charge of driving online store traffic and failing miserably while others point… Continue reading »

Another Post on Mobile Ads (Sex, Hotstagram, and Dating)

I started out interning at a mobile games company before the iPhone and Android were ever released in a day when Nokia still reigned Mobile King.  It was also years before Google acquired AdMob, before App Marketplaces, and before Angry Birds.  Mobile gaming used the game console industry as the example, when really it was… Continue reading »

Advertisers Refocus Facebook Strategy to Incorporate Retargeting

As the Media industry is still discussing the implications of Facebook Exchange to the market, one interesting case study that hopefully will come from the alpha that the industry I’ve been mulling over is: what’s more effective – retargeting on Facebook using an advertiser’s cookie pool(s) or retargeting based on Action Spec Targeting?  The former… Continue reading »

Why Advertisers Will Never Ditch the Agency

Agencies act like wasted sorority girls giving everything away for free.  From a sustainable business model perspective, it seems ridiculous to give free services to clients, but in actuality they’re retention rate and ability to win business depends on it.  And like sorority girls – agencies are very good at looking desirable in what seems… Continue reading »