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A New Yardstick

If the point of a business (as Peter Drucker pointed out) is to create a customer, then have most digital marketers failed at their essential task? Instead of real sales growth, marketers have delivered web site visitors and click-through-rates. Instead of strategies that sought to maximize profit by tonnage, they’ve focused on efficiencies. In short,… Continue reading »

Profitability is Like Chicken Soup

 Unlike tomato soup, which looks and tastes the same from one side of the bowl to the other, your company’s profitability is not a uniform thing across all your markets. It likely looks very different from one city to the next, from one zip code to another. Yet so many businesses look at profitability—and subsequently their… Continue reading »

Brand Search Must Be Earned

 In perfect world, all that digital marketers would need to do to is buy (inexpensive) brand search terms, sit back and let the steady flow of potential customers click, visit, and purchase. The strategy would be highly efficient and be able to operate at maximum scale. Unfortunately, brand search does not just appear, it must… Continue reading »

Give ‘Em Something to Talk About

When you sit in a busy restaurant, what do you see? People talking. According to this study, 93% of word-of-mouth activity still happens offline. Those offline conversations with our friends, co-workers and peers influence the purchases we make more than anything else. Similarly, the things we do and see play a big role in the… Continue reading »

Stop Looking Over the Back of the Boat

Use External Data Layers to Predict the Future, Discover Opportunity When I think about how most digital marketers and executives allocate budgets and develop media strategy, I’m reminded of a boat trip I took down to the Bahamas. My friends and I found ourselves in constant peril of running aground, due to the sharp assent… Continue reading »