About The Makegood

At the Makegood, we strive to help the reader understand what’s going on behind the scenes of the stories we all read in the press.  With our background as journalists, analysts, lobbyists, and yes – PR practitioners – we can provide unique insights into what informs the various narratives we all take for granted as news.  Not to be confused with “fake news,” of course.

Who’s Spinning Whom?
With The Makegood, we intend to separate the wheat from the chaff in business, and occasionally in culture and politics, across the US.  We will provide meta-analysis of the idioms informing our readers’ daily conversations and business decisions.  We will provide insight and provocative analysis wherever we can, not with the usual critical or snarky antagonism we’ve all become accustomed to, but with real discernment, intended to enlarge and enhance the perceptions of our readers.

We are a non-partisan group with our roots in journalism, lobbying, marketing, public relations / public affairs, and academics.   While The Makegood is owned by WIT Strategy, we have not created this to show favor to WIT Strategy clients and we will provide complete disclosure if there is ever an occasion when a story or column has any relationship to a client’s business.

The WIT Strategy client list and related materials can be found on our Press Releases page.

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