Ad Technology

The Conference Effect

In the US alone, more than 6,000 medical conferences will be taking place this year. That’s 6,000 opportunities for pharma advertisers to get their brand in front of eager physicians, who are making the choice to travel from coast to coast, all in the name of education.

Medical conferences have a unique role, in that they bring together thousands of hand-raising physicians, technicians, nurses, and other health care providers for the purposes of providing ongoing, up-to-date education. Conferences offer attendees the ability to learn about novel and ground-breaking updates in the industry space, as well as the chance to test out new and upcoming equipment. But most importantly, medical conferences promote scientific exchange, which is gateway for pharma advertising.

Scientific exchange is the exchange of new information, research, ideas, and theories, which often leads to new discoveries in the field. When peers and key opinion leaders (KOLs) come together under one roof, scientific exchange is encouraged resulting in the minds of physicians being opened and challenged, throughout the conference, and after.

This is a prime opportunity for pharma brands. Conferences are often very niche, and maximize efficiency while minimizing waste for pharma advertisers. Advertisers must capitalize on the reception and open-mindedness of physicians, who are removed from their daily, hectic routines for the specific purpose to learn. They have invested their time and money to attend the conference and are eager to get the most out of it. In this environment and mindset, HCPs are open to new treatment and more likely to challenge the status quo of their normal prescribing behaviors.

In this age of technology, some are questioning the need for large symposium-style medical conferences, stating that reading blog posts, watching online videos, attending webinars and connecting with peers and KOLs over social networks is adequate enough to keep the flow of communication and education going.

However, there is no replacement for the face-to-face learning and networking opportunities made possible by medical conferences, and the advertising abilities that follow.

Physicians will be more willing to prescribe different drugs, which is the ultimate goal of pharma advertisers: prescription lift. Advertising at conferences, whether it be cling wraps on elevators or within conference printed programs, is way to get in front of the right people, at the right time for optimal benefit. The air of curiosity and innovation at the conference will cause physicians to think twice about what they are seeing and how it will benefit patients and healthcare as whole.