Ad Technology

The Art of Pharma Blogging

By: Amanda Fiore

The pharmaceutical industry tends to be a few steps behind when it comes to marketing innovation. Unlike the retail or automobile industries, pharma must tread lightly when challenging marketing norms. While a social or blog presence may seem like a no brainer in the promotion of consumer-packaged goods, those outlets push pharma boundaries as they need med-legal’s approval and must comply with FDA regulations. However, having a blog or resources page on a pharma product site, whether it is targeted towards HCPs or consumers, will prove to be a big win for a pharma brand.

Blog pages on the site can pack a big punch in terms of bolstering SEO performance, while accomplishing a brand’s objectives. Whether the goal of the site is to drive engaged traffic or conversion for example, email sign ups or material downloads, blog pages can aid in achieving both.

By their nature, blogs are made up of robust content and consistent posts, which are two factors search engines reward websites for. By regularly publishing deep content, blogs provide new opportunities for the site to acquire backlinks, which helps increase site domain authority and, in turn, organic ranking. Blog pages can also drive increased organic traffic from unbranded terms, diversifying the keywords in which the brand appears against and potentially increasing the site’s SEO performance. Blog and resource pages are a long-term investment, as they continue to bring in traffic for months, even years, after their creation.

In addition, blog pages help to humanize a brand, making it more credible to consumers, ultimately gaining their trust. According to Quick Sprout, 60% of consumers feel positive about a brand after reading their blog. The most impactful blogs are those that answer common questions regarding the condition and product, establishing the brand as a trustworthy partner in the patient’s treatment journey.

Letairis, a prescription medicine to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension, has a great resource section on their patient site formatted similarly to a patient newsletter. This “newsletter” is updated on a quarterly basis, including useful treatment resources, recipes, and lifestyle tips for patients. Letairis also selects patient ambassadors to highlight in the resource section, giving these real-life patients a chance to share their stories and disease management tips with others.

Slowly but surely, pharma companies are warming up to the idea of blogs and/or resources pages on their site as they are beginning to gain traction in the space. Having a blog page with helpful information on site, will not only enhance the site’s SEO but also will increase consumer trust of the brand.