Ad Technology

SEO On The Page and Off

By: Martin Cahill

But there are some aspects that, no matter the algorithm update or the demands of the user, will not change. Those aspects are On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. And while it may seem better to focus on one or the other, the best practice is grounded in contributing to both equally.

These two aspects are both what they sound like: On Page SEO comprises all the things that make up your page, while Off Page SEO is composed of all the practices that can contribute to your ranking that are off your page. On Page includes things such as your Title Tags, Targeted Keywords, Meta Description, Headers, content, as well as any technical features you’re looking to keep up to date. Off Page is a little trickier, but involves ranking factors such as link building, and other techniques that can be used to garner attention. While content is king, and always will be when it comes down to brass tacks, strong On Page and Off Page SEO will go a long way toward keeping your site as updated and as strong as possible.

When it comes to On Page SEO, it’s more than just choosing some relevant keywords and throwing them on the page. Backlinko currently has a fantastic write up on how to make sure your On Page SEO is the strongest it can be in 2017, and is definitely worth a read. While they do focus mainly on strategically placing keywords on your page, there are also updates that compensate for recent algorithm updates, such as making sure your URL is SEO-Friendly, an emphasis on utilizing long-tail keywords, making sure site speed is strong, and more. Making sure your On Page SEO is as streamlined and smooth as possible, while technically strong in the eyes of the search engines, will give you a page that can rank well and give readers a good experience.

Off Page SEO is a little harder to quantify. It’s easy to say, “whatever doesn’t fall into On Page,” but that would be disingenuous; Ahrefs goes into this in more depth, and has a helpful guide on breaking down various forms of Off Page. Off Page SEO can often be thought of as strategies implemented off of your page to help people find your page, and to help your page rank better in the Search Engine Results Pages. Link building is definitely one of those strategies; the more legitimate, authoritative sources that link back to your site, the higher the search engines rank you. When you have links leading back to your site, it helps to legitimize your site, and grant you authority as well.

Developing a strong link building campaign, and getting other authoritative sources to link back to you is well worth the effort; whether that involves reaching out to them on your own, or giving them link power right back, there are many ways to go about garnering links. Likewise, social listening and establishing a social media campaign can help you learn more about who is coming to your site, what they want, and a means to reach out as a link building strategy.

Algorithms will come and go, and user experiences will dictate what to change, but as long as your stick to best practices and make sure that your On Page content and Off Page strategies are as solid as possible, your SEO will continue to bolster your site, and keep your rankings strong.