Advertising Technology

The Benefits of Addressable Television

cindy2-260Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could take the precision, targeting, analytics, and reporting of digital campaigns and make them even better?  Well, you can!  Drum roll please . . . Addressable TV has all the elements of digital with one distinct advantage: reach.

According to the Video Advertising Bureau, TV delivers more than 90%+ monthly reach and accounts for 90% of total video spend.  And Addressable TV has all the targeting bells and whistles of digital and the ability to execute one-to-one marketing.

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with Addressable TV, it is the ability to target consumers through cable set-top box audience defined first, second and third party research rather than simply on Nielsen target demographics. Through these research companies (3rd Party) such as Crossix, Kantar, Polk, and others, along with the clients own in-house data (1st Party), cable providers can find those consumers that reside in specific households that match the profile they need to reach. Examples of these profiles run the gamut, from peanut butter purchasers and tea drinkers, to retirees and frequent flier members, and beyond. The Ad is then “served” only to those households with residents that match the profile. Normal, conventional TV methods take over from here.  Which means, tracking, measurement and posting. However, by utilizing the research providers on the front end, a much deeper level of results such as ROI, brand lift, consideration, and sales lift can be measured in a much more meaningful way versus the traditional route when purchasing against just demographics.

So, now, let’s talk about the reach. Addressable TV can be purchased in all 210 TV DMAs in all 50 states which accounts for a roughly 50 MM household footprint and growing. Addressable is available on premium networks and runs at the local break position.  As a means of comparison, HBO has 33 million subs, Hulu just under 15 million and Netflix around 48 million. And, according to VAB, people spend much more time with cable TV than with digital platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and Pandora, among others.

If you aren’t ready to jump on the band wagon despite all the above, here are a few more Addressable TV items to consider:

  1. It allows the advertiser the ability to increase their frequency over and above their standard TV campaign
  1. Addressable TV opens the ability of smaller budget clients to tip their toe into the TV landscape
  1. Clients with a niche product or service now have a greater ability to find their audience
  1. Hard to reach consumers can now be found more readily. HCPs can be marketed to in a relaxed environment where their receptivity might be greater than when in the office
  1. Gives advertisers the option of buying deeper in the market. Meaning going beyond just the top 10 rated networks.  This helps build the reach of the campaign and helps with the overall efficiency of the campaign
  1. Addressable TV is authenticated subscriber data and doesn’t rely on proxies and/or cookies
  1. There are no bots or fraud issues
  1. Ad blocking is a non-issue as the Ad cannot be blocked on the TV screen
  1. Relevant Ads are seen by the consumer which adds to receptivity and purchase intent

When planning your next campaign, consider Addressable TV for the targetability of digital with the reach of TV and see for yourself how powerful it can be.