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The Makegood’s Most Popular Articles of 2016

The_Makegood_Tag_CloudBy: Martin Cahill

December rolls around, and another year has passed. Fifty-two weeks gone in a snap, with another set ready to roll out at the stroke of midnight, January 1st. And in that time, we’ve published some great pieces. We’ve listened to you, our readers, and noted the ones where you just couldn’t get enough.

Below are our top five most popular articles of the year, and we’re happy to showcase them for you one last time as we head into the holidays.


Our first article comes to us by our friend Maor Sadra, Managing Director of AppLift, who took the time to write us an article about first party data, its importance in the grand scheme of things, and the best ways to utilize and share it.


Jess wrote an informative article that took a deep look at the Psychology of SEO and vice versa, as she teases apart and explains the relations between patterns in SEO and patterns in human behavior, and how the two affect each other.


With so many viable and advanced forms of media technology to take advantage of, Cindy’s defense of Radio as a medium for media and advertising struck a chord, and brought to the forefront an avenue of media not used as often as before.


If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s the importance of social media in our current landscape; not many, if any, brands or products can stand on two legs without it in some form. Nick gave us a good insight into different answers to the question of social media, as well as methods on how to best utilize it without breaking the bank.


Finally, Lynnsey had some good things to say about the proper length of video formats; with the rise of mobile, and the drop in attention span, is it worth it to try for longer videos, or stick to short, quick snippets?

Thanks as always for your views and your support. We hope to continue to provide top-notch quality and articles in 2017.

Have a very Happy New Year!