How Low Cost Social Media Solutions Can Optimize Your Brand’s Social Presence


Nick HeadshotBy: Nicholas ReisGerzog

Social media has been expanding rapidly in recent years, and has been propelled to the forefront of online advertising space. According to Statista, 78% of Americans are currently active on social media in some capacity and agencies are starting to take notice. As reported by Business Insider, social media spending grew an astronomical 40% in the past year, and is now at a record high of $8.5 billion annually. While social media has become a more prevalent advertising channel with increased consumer use, it has also become more popular on the business side as well. FBX, Facebook’s programmatic purchasing platform, experienced a 150% growth in spending in the second quarter of 2014 alone.

Because social media has become such an integral part of the marketing industry, it is imperative that brands manage their social media presence wisely. As a brand’s online presence grows, post scheduling, engagement tracking, and fostering a relationship with audience members becomes an arduous and expensive process, especially when left in the hands of employees. Luckily, for growing brands, many innovative and low-cost social media solutions in the marketplace tackle this very problem.

Growing brands are often times faced with seemingly trivial problems that can actually prove to be catastrophic. As a brand’s activity increases, it becomes more difficult to ensure that important occurrences are actually shared with audience members, and that when activity is shared, it reaches and resonates with the targeted audience. Thankfully, for those entrusted with the task of managing growing social media presences, several tools can automate both of these tasks.

Prominent social media manager Hootsuite advertises that it can assist brands by helping them, “schedule content to automatically post at optimal times – so your social presence stays active, even when you’re not.” It also assists clients in determining what time is best for publishing content. Because tools like Hootsuite have such a bevy of clients, decisions like these are made utilizing archived data that can be used to set precedents for market execution.

These tool’s analytic capabilities are not only effective in determining optimal post times, they can also offer brands a unique insight into their social media performance, and how they stack up against competitors. The social media manager Agora Pulse, a French company, even goes as far as to archive every user who engages with a brand’s social media presence. Agora Pulse then assigns users a value based on the frequency of their interaction with a brand, and their clout on social media. Growing brands can use this tool to determine which users they should take the time to foster a relationship with, and even identify users with heavy influence on social media that could prove to be valuable sponsors.

Social media is growing in popularity every day and leading projections predict that the trend will continue to grow in years to come. Because of this non-stop growth, it is crucial that brands are aware of the importance of social media advertising, and the many existing tools that can help them to do so effectively. Brands that are unaware of these tools often waste tons of time and money in planning social media execution, and sometimes go as far as to pay salaried employees to be responsible for jobs that can be performed by online tools.

Brands that elect to ignore these solutions run the risk of having a poorly organized social media presence, one that is not consistent amongst all social media channels, and does not resonate with the targeted audience. These brands also face a disadvantage in targeting and capturing the right audience when compared to their competitors who do use social media solutions. While a human touch is absolutely necessary in reaching your target audience, remember that these simple, intuitive measures can help your firm streamline social media management, effectively reach the targeted audience, and beat out competitors.