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The Top Five Makegood Articles of 2015

The_Makegood_Tag_CloudDecember rolls around, and another year has passed. Fifty-two weeks gone in a snap, with another set ready to roll out at the stroke of midnight, January 1st. And in that time, we’ve published some great pieces. We’ve listened to you, our readers, and noted the ones where you just couldn’t get enough.

Last year at this time, our most popular content seemed to revolve around three themes: mobile, social and programmatic.  This year, programmatic remained a focus – probably owing to the fact that programmatic is responsible for much of the innovation in the digital ad sector.  But our other most popular articles tended to focus on cross-platform innovation and audiences rather than on discrete channels.

Below are our top five most popular articles of the year, and we’re happy to showcase them for you one last time as we head into the holidays.

1: Cross Channel Vs. Cross Platform and What Marketers Need To Know

Optimine’s Matt Voda wrote an excellent piece on the top things to keep in mind when breaking down siloes and planning campaigns across channels.  He especially punched up the importance of setting common goals.

2: Nobody Cares About Your DSP

Does it seem like ad tech is in love with itself?  Underscore’s Tom Hespos reminded us that ad technology needs to solve problems for marketers, and not merely get them excited about the tech itself.

3: Should Boomers Be More Important to Marketers Than Millennials?

Underscore’s Hemali Lakhani challenged the long-held marketing belief that focusing on younger consumers brings a greater lifetime value to a brand.  With so much wealth in the U.S. concentrated with the Baby Boomer generation, is it worth taking another look at this aging audience?

4: Building Effective Reach through Programmatic Media Buying

Longtime media professional Jed Breger reminded us of the importance of looking at effective reach, particularly in programmatic campaigns.  With many modern ad technologies, the tendency is to reach more people with fewer ad exposures, but Breger challenged this, saying a boost in frequency helps aid effective reach and makes end users more likely to respond or accept a brand message.

5: Are You Gemini? Yahoo Is, So You Better Be Prepared

Underscore’s Oliver Nelson showcased a shift in the search landscape and reminded us of the opportunity that exists in search with Bing.  His practical tips helped marketers spot opportunities and warned us of the danger of ignoring Bing.

As always, thank you to everyone who takes the time to read contributed articles and share your thoughts on them. Your support means the world. We’d still do this without you, but it’s a lot more fun with you here.

Have a safe, happy holiday season, and we’ll see you all in the New Year!

The Makegood will be on its annual holiday hiatus starting December 24 and will return on January 4, 2016.  We wish all our readers, followers, and everybody in the media business a wonderful holiday with your loved ones.  See you in 2016!