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Growing Fast: Dstillery Announces Series C Funding

Dstillery-Tom[2]Tom Phillips is the CEO of Dstillery, the pioneer in cross-device audience targeting for brands. Prior to joining Dstillery in 2009, Tom was at Google and managed media platforms and the DoubleClick integration before establishing the Search Analytics team to pioneer new uses of Google data on behalf of major advertising clients. The Makegood recently spoke with Tom about their recent round of funding and what it will bring to the company. 

The Makegood: Congratulations on Dstillery’s new office in Manhattan, you’ve added quite a bit of square footage to your space. What do you think this expansion indicates for the company?

Thank you. We’re excited to be in the new space. Our new office, located at 470 Park Avenue South, provides capacity for growth as well as new spaces for innovation and collaboration. Our team has grown by almost 50 percent since the beginning of the year, and the new office allows us to continue to recruit aggressively. This is an exciting time for us, especially since it follows our recent $24 million series C financing. We have ambitious plans to expand both geographically and by line of business.

The Makegood: What will the design of the space do for the company? In other words, is the space encouraging of interaction amongst employees?

The space is designed with an open floor plan to encourage interaction and celebrate our collaborative culture at Dstillery. It’s an incredible space, spanning a full city block, and an affirmation of our collective success. I view the open space as a wonderful unifier, visual and daily evidence that each employee is an important member of the team. To personalize the space, we commissioned three original murals from New York-based artists Hiroshi Kumagai,Rubin and Skewville (the latter is a two-brother artistic collective).

The Makegood: Dstillery also announced a $24 million in Series C funding. What will this funding go towards, and how will it help the company moving forward?

In the near future, we will be growing in two key areas: accelerated hiring and strategic acquisitions.

In regard to the former — we have experienced an increased demand from marketers and strategic partners, such as LinkedIn and Twitter, for our leading cross-device intelligence and activation. We have increased our headcount at each of our major office locations — New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago. We just recently announced our new sales office in Dallas and are considering other locations with a high concentration of media and technology buyers including Detroit, Seattle and Miami.

In terms of acquisitions, our purchase of EveryScreen Media in July 2013 was a huge success. As a result, we are looking at companies that support our mission, strengthen our offerings, meet our high technology standards and are a good cultural fit. Potential acquisition targets include mobile, international and data companies.

The Makegood: How does the company integrate music into its culture? Why was music the way the new office was themed?

At Dstillery, music plays a big part of our company culture. In fact, we celebrated the opening of our new office with a performance by our 12-piece office band. The theme, along with the conference rooms names, is drawn from the Rolling Stones’ classic album Exile on Main Street. And while most of the people here were born after its release, they appreciate its excellence thanks to Phish performing the album in 2009 (or so I’ve been told). With further growth on the horizon, our office band is thinking about a nationwide, or perhaps international, tour.

The Makegood: As a growing company at the forefront of the ad tech industry, what do you see for the future of the company?

It has become tricky for many to navigate the ad tech space with so many companies getting funded and some public ones considered over-valued. At Dstillery, we are thinking long-term and believe that our talent and technology enable us to power the digital future. Our award-winning data science team and technology capabilities set us apart, along with our steadfast commitment to quality. The long-term winners in ad tech will be those who are providing real results for marketers, not those applying fake science to game the system. As marketers become more discriminating, the market will continue to move in our direction.

The Makegood: Thank you, Tom.