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IgnitionOne Takes Another Step To Simplify Marketers’ Lives

RogerBarnettehdsht2014Roger Barnette is the President of IgnitionOne, the global leader in cloud-based digital marketing technology providing a world-class proprietary platform and expert services to improve digital marketing performance. As President, Roger oversees the company’s aggressive growth and technology strategy. He has extensive experience managing and growing emerging technology businesses and is a veteran of the online marketing industry. The Makegood recently spoke with Roger about IgnitionOne’s announcement of fully supporting Google Shopping as part of its DMS.

The Makegood: IgnitionOne recently announced full support of Google Shopping as part of its DMS. Could you discuss what this means, and how it benefits IgnitionOne?

Retailers have very specific needs for search marketing. The number of products and variables for how consumers search for them are nearly endless. With Google Shopping fully integrated into our DMS we hope to simplify this for retail marketers by not only offering it in the same platform they can manage their other digital marketing, but also by combining it with our predictive bid optimization capabilities that make sure that retailers get the most out of each and every bid.

The Makegood: Could you discuss each of the key features in IgnitionOne’s DMS? Are these all linked through a central user interface?

The DMS encompasses algorithmic media management for all devices across channels such as search, programmatic display and social; along with native applications for website personalization, email, and our own DMP.  This is all within a single interface, with centralized data and one version of the truth to help marketers make smarter decisions.

The Makegood: How can IgnitionOne’s integration with Google Shopping create more opportunities for greater efficiency?

Marketers can benefit from the predictive bid optimization capabilities that leverage proprietary algorithms to drive efficiencies and forecasts campaign performance in advance at different spend levels and optimizes automatically. And with a centralized data set, marketers can use cross-channel attribution to understand and optimize based on full conversion paths and robust analytics provide insights.

The Makegood: How do you believe that this integration will grow IgnitionOne?

​This is another step in our goal to simplify marketers’ lives and help make them look like rockstars.

The Makegood: Do you see more integration in the company’s future? How would these integrations add to ease of use?

Absolutely – Marketers are not system integrators – they just want to see results. We help them do that.​ We will keep bringing together or integrating all the most important solutions into a single stack. More examples of this can be seen in our recent acquisitions of leading DMP, Knotice and mobile leader, Human Demand.

The Makegood: Thank you, Roger.