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Signal Surpasses 10,000 Customers Globally

unnamed-29 Mike Sands is currently the CEO of Signal, a marketing technology that integrates email, text, social media, offers and promotions into a single marketing platform that businesses love. Prior to Signal, Sands was part of the original Orbitz team, where he held the positions of CMO and COO. The Makegood recently spoke with Sands about Signal’s growth around the world.

The Makegood: Congratulations on Signal’s surpassing 10,000 customers around the world.  What does this milestone mean for the company, and can you expect similar growth in the coming years?

This milestone underscores the strong global demand we’re seeing for our patented Open Data Platform, including our flagship product, Signal Fuse.  Our platform provides brands and media agencies with an advanced data foundation for real-time, cross-channel marketing activities.

The Makegood: What does Signal do, and why are the company’s services so useful to the industry?

The gap between consumers and brands has never been wider. Consumers are moving fluidly between multiple devices and channels.  They expect relevant, coherent interactions with brands, but instead their experiences are typically fragmented and often confusing as they move between the web, mobile, in-store and even call centers.

Signal is solving this problem by enabling brand marketers to create the next-generation consumer experience.

Our platform helps marketers collect data from any offline or online source, synchronize that data across all consumer touch points, and deliver it to any marketing or analytics endpoint – all in real time. The platform is ecosystem-neutral and helps data and marketing technologies work better together.   This helps brands engage with multi-screening consumers in a relevant and timely way, driving increased engagement, loyalty and conversions.

The Makegood: What is Signal’s strategy for growth?

Being a global company has always been a core tenet of Signal’s vision. Signal’s technology solves a critical, worldwide challenge for marketers who need better tools for connecting with multi-screening customers at the level of speed and timeliness they expect. We’ve entered Europe, Asia and Latin America through various partnerships and acquisitions. Signal now has offices in the US, London, Tokyo, Singapore, Sydney.  Plans this year include expansion across additional Asia Pacific countries and throughout continental Europe.

What are you providing your clients that they cannot get anywhere else?

Signal’s neutral, open platform is like a power grid that allows marketers to wire up all their data collection points with the technologies in their marketing stacks with plug-and-play ease.   Signal collects all the disparate signals consumers are sending right now across the web, mobile apps, email, social media point-of-sale and more, and combines them into a unified stream of data to power real-time marketing activities.   Signal enables brands to capture all this data and interact with customers simultaneously (less than 50 milliseconds from collection to syndication) – across all channels.

The Makegood: What does Signal Certified Partners add to the company’s growth and credibility?

Signal has built the world’s largest network of high-performance integrations with leading marketing technology vendors in real-time bidding, analytics, paid advertising management platforms and more.  Our turnkey integrations enable vendors to instantly collect advertisers’ website and mobile data without placing the processing burden on the Web browser or mobile apps – and without meeting resistance from advertisers’ IT departments. We enable advertisers to share data without  disrupting the overall user experience for their customers like existing tag-based data-collection methodologies do.   Our partnerships also allow advertisers to capture data from beyond the Web browser, where tags don’t exist, for continuity across all channels and devices.

The Makegood: What do you see for the future of the company? Is there any feature or update that is expected that will create an even better service?

Signal’s clients are just beginning to unlock the power of real-time, cross-channel data.  The company’s future is focused on two primary areas.   First, adding clients through international expansion and partnerships.  We’ve only scratched the surface in the countries in which we operate.  Second, helping every client add new channels and marketing capabilities to become experts at connecting with their customers across channels in real-time in ways that enhance the consumer experience.