Big Data

Genesis Media Partners with Bud Mishra

unnamed-28 Mark Yackanich is currently the CEO of Genesis Media, an online video technology company that enables users to pay for content and services targeted on brand messages. Prior to Genesis, Yackanich was the CEO of MegaPhone Labs and VP and Head of Corporate Strategy for NBC’s Local Media Division. The Makegood recently spoke with Yackanich about the company’s partnership with a data scientist.

The Makegood: Congratulations on your recent partnership with Bud Mishra. What will this partnership do for both Genesis Media and Bud? How did the partnership come to be?

Thank you! Together we’re committed to exploring how data science can help both Genesis Media and the media industry gain insights into consumer behavior. As an NYU graduate myself, I’ve been familiar with Bud’s acclaimed work at the university for quite some time.

The idea to join forces with Bud really came to fruition over the past year when our Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, Josh Feuer, became involved with academia at the Courant Institute at NYU. During that time, Josh and Bud developed a relationship, often discussing the increasing importance of data in the digital media space and its similarities to other industries and sciences.

There are similarities between Bud’s classical theories and ongoing research, and the work we’re doing here at Genesis with data science and advertising technology. We knew partnering with Bud would help Genesis Media advance our data science strategy as we look to deepen our footprint in the market and enhance our platform.

The Makegood: How does Bud’s expertise play into Genesis Media’s goals? Will he be working with data scientists at Genesis as well?

Deep data insights play a major role in Genesis Media’s business goals, and it’s the focus of Bud’s research. Bud will act as a strategic resource for our data scientists and guide our entire team as we continue to leverage the power of data to benefit our clients and their consumers.

For background, Genesis Media’s proprietary platform creates new inventory within premium content, and data science enables us to understand when a consumer is most likely to engage with that content based on past behaviors. We are able to intercept users intelligently and create “moments” between brands and consumers, targeting the consumer with relevant content at the right time so they don’t feel interrupted – and all thanks to data.

The Makegood: How is data a key part of business in the media industry? What will the partnership do in terms of analyzing and classifying the data?

It’s truly amazing how much insight data science can provide businesses about consumer behaviors, and its effect on the media industry is clear. Data can be the answer to our clients’ biggest challenge: balancing brand impact for advertisers and audience growth objectives for publishers.

With this partnership, Genesis Media is looking to help clients make the most of the data that’s available to them. We’ll dissect the central role of data science in the evolution and future of digital advertising, and compare its impact to other sectors heavily reliant on data science, including finance, health and business.

The Makegood: What kinds of insights can Bud bring that perhaps other scientists might not be able to?

Dr. Mishra’s experience and research is truly one-of-a-kind. He has spearheaded impactful research initiatives for genetics, cancer and much more. He has received countless honors, worked in both academic and non-academic environments and been published numerous times. Bud has impacted the world of data science and its influence and application to businesses and organizations across multiple industries. Applying his insight, methodology and perspective to media and technology will be invaluable as we continue to highly differentiate our business and drive the market forward.

The Makegood: What do you see for the future of this partnership? How do you see Bud continuously adding to the company?

Together, Genesis Media and Bud will continuously connect real world results with business and academic research to deliver new, unique insights to our clients and the industry. We’re bridging the gap between academia and the NYC business community – partnerships of this nature are common on the West Coast (i.e. Stanford University), but untapped in New York, and even the East Coast. Our business and customers are sure to benefit!

The Makegood: Thank you, Mark.