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Falcon Social Spreads its Wings to New York

unnamed-15 Ulrik Bo Larsen is the Founder of Falcon Social, a communications platform built on social media management tools for listening, engagement, publishing, and analytics. Prior to founding Falcon, Larsen founded and ran Mingler, a digital agency. The Makegood recently spoke to Larsen about Falcon’s growth.

The Makegood: Congratulations on establishing headquarters for Falcon Social in New York. What were the needs behind this second headquarter, and what kind of growth are you anticipating in New York?

Thank you. We’re proud to say that Falcon Social has seen tremendous growth recently: we increased monthly recurring revenue more than 640 percent in our first year of sales and we introduced 160 new customers to the Falcon platform from the start of Q4 to the end of Q1.

Our success has prompted us to open an office in New York, where we think we can accelerate our growth even more. Our new headquarters is a big piece of how we’re planning to drive this momentum. What we find most compelling about having a team in the US is that it puts us right in the midst of the most prolific brands in the world. We are confident that New York is exactly the right place to be in order to attract new business and work with the best technology vendors to enhance both our platform and our customers’ success.

The Makegood: Could you discuss what it is that Falcon does? How does the platform help its clients?

Falcon Social was created with a vision to help enterprises drive meaningful business results through social media. The name Falcon comes from the idea of hovering above today’s social media with a clear view and the ability to effortlessly pick out key details.

Marketers today are looking for smarter, data-driven ways to map customer journeys and tell their brand story. We help our clients do this by providing a scalable social system that serves as a feature-rich marketing tool, allowing brands to easily measure their voice and then plan, execute and manage strategic engagement across all social channels — from one place.

Falcon serves as a true partner for brands when it comes to social strategy. We provide a number of Premium services, including tactical and strategic social media planning, to provide our customers with impactful strategies and industry best practices.

The Makegood: How does Falcon stand apart from its competitors? What factors give Falcon an edge?

Falcon is unique in that it is organically grown and thus the most unified social communication platform on the market today. Falcon is also scalable, which allows our clients, who are often rapidly expanding global brands, to ensure social management can keep up with their expansion.

Ease of use is a huge priority for us, as it enables our clients to ramp up quickly and also encourages them to use our platform to unify departments. Usability is also a major focus of ours, which is unique for enterprise software. We believe that a well-designed product is paramount for creating a satisfying experience for our customers.

The Makegood: Will Falcon maintain its current strategies, or will the company need to change some strategy to fit into American companies’ demand?

We’re continuing to improve our technology organically. We’re also confident that our strategy of delivering the most scalable, unified and intuitive platform on the market will continue to attract global brands. We have the structure in place to support our vision and we believe that our platform is poised to stand out both in the US and around the world.

So far, our design and value is impressing customers and analysts. Gartner recently named us a “Cool Vendor in Social Marketing 2014,” saying we are “bound to disrupt the U.S. competitive dynamic.” This recognition confirms the stickiness of our messaging and provides additional validation that our current strategy is on the right track.

The Makegood: What do you see for the future of Falcon? How do you see the company maintaining such high levels of success?

We are constantly looking for ways to work with our customers to develop the most remarkable brand experience possible and reach new levels of success. We recently built a social media dashboard with one customer, and just hired a lead customer strategist to spearhead our Premium services — a strategic approach to social media. We believe in our vision for a more unified workplace, and will continue to evolve our platform to enable easy collaboration across departments for our clients.

Stay tuned for more updates from us — we are constantly improving our products to provide the open and efficient communication our customers need.

The Makegood: Thank you, Ulrik.