Conductor Launches New Web Presence Management Platform

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 10.55.54 AMSeth Besmertnik is the CEO and Co-Founder of Conductor, the market leading Web Presence Management Platform for companies with WPM and SEO teams, and the agencies that support them. Prior to Conductor, Seth founded health portal MindMD.com, where he learned and developed the innovative search practices that later became the foundation of Conductor marketing solutions. The Makegood recently spoke with Seth about the launch of Conductor’s new Web Presence Management Platform. 

The Makegood: Conductor recently launched its Web Presence Management Platform after a successful beta run. What does this platform do, and what does it mean for the future of the company’s marketing? 

Conductor’s WPM platform helps companies reach their customers in places where they cannot be bought – which is the lion’s share of the internet. Brands can now understand where their content is being found, what their consumers are searching for in places like Google and what they need to do to beat their competition – and drive traffic.

The Makegood: How does this platform give you the edge over the company’s competitors?

Without Conductor, you have no idea whether your content is getting found or your competitors’ content is getting found, among many other things. Companies that leverage Conductor have the necessary insight to put a strategy together to increase marketshare in unpaid channels and make their existing website content exponentially more discoverable.

The Makegood: What does this platform present to the industry itself? 

It presents an opportunity for companies to realize that a) paid media is not the only place they should be investing to reach their customers and b) that unpaid channels like organic search are the most important channels to leverage.

The Makegood: Why are you expecting a reorganization of departments around unpaid media as opposed to paid? 

We are already seeing this reorganization. Companies have been investing in hiring SEO people and earned media specialists over the last few years. However, as they want to invest more, they need to organize around the opportunity. This consolidation is starting to happen where new teams – web presence teams – are being formed, to make sure companies are getting found on the web.

The Makegood: What do you see for the future of the company and this platform? Are you working on any further developments? 

This is a giant opportunity and we think there are thousands of companies that could be leveraging our technology. As such, we want to turn Conductor into a global leader that marketing teams rely on to understand how their businesses are being discovered when people are not on their websites, and not available via paid media.

The Makegood: Thank you, Seth.

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