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Fluent Welcomes New Hires as the Company Grows

unnamed-6 Ryan Schulke is the CEO at Fluent, an ad tech company that specializes in new customer acquisition, activation, and long term engagement through data driven insights. Prior to Fluent, Schulke was the Media Director at Clash Media. The Makegood recently spoke with Schulke about the company’s recent hires.

The Makegood: As CEO of Fluent, you are well versed in the company’s operations. Could you elaborate on what Fluent does, and how it has stood out from others in the industry?

Fluent executes acquisition campaigns on behalf of marketers and advertisers using proprietary ad serving technology specially designed to profile consumers most likely to convert and become brand loyal.  We integrate our ad serving products on high engagement publisher inventory, creating a direct pipeline for performance advertising buys into direct media sources across channels. Our ability to determine the best ads to serve to the right user, based upon individual characteristics, such as demo, ethno, behavioral and meta data is what distinguishes us through measurable ROI for Advertisers and Publishers at scale.

The Makegood: Adam Gillman and Jessica Grant join Fluent as Vice President, Strategic Development, and Director of Business Operations & Product Development respectively. How have these new hires/positions impacted the agency?

Fluent has a great opportunity to challenge the market standard and assert itself as a new leader in ad tech.  Both Adam and Jess bring unique sets of experience in mobile, high growth ad tech & media and operational leadership principles that will give Fluent an advantage in the marketplace.

The Makegood: How do you plan to further grow the company following these two new hires?

Our company has lacked a strong external presence in the market, essentially generating large quantities of business from a relatively core set of Advertiser and Publisher partnerships.  We have now refined and automated the core elements of our product line and are prepared to begin more conversations with potential partners.  In addition to direct relationships with brands and publishers, we are pursuing partnership opportunities with many Email and Marketing Service Providers as a logical adjacency, with Fluent being focused on Acquisition Services.

The Makegood: In what ways has Fluent been experiencing growth (sales, personnel, etc.)? How does this attribute to the new hires?

Since onboarding Adam and Jess we have welcomed an additional 9 team members, including 5 experienced Sales & Marketing executives. Our pipeline for the back half of 2014 is the strongest I’ve ever seen it, with many fortune 500 advertisers looking to test our services.  Given our historical retention rates, this provides a very positive outlook for the future of our business. Adam and Jess have been central to creating a more efficient framework for growth and strategic input on all commercial initiatives.

The Makegood: What influences and achievements have led to this growth?

Our ability to deliver on the promise, which is facilitated by strong product capability in conjunction with the right partnerships with Advertisers and Publishers.  We are inspired by the opportunity that the quickly evolving digital landscape presents and have built a healthy and profitable business based on the belief that Effective Marketing starts with Intelligent Acquisition.  Everything we do here supports just that.

The Makegood: Thank you, Ryan.

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