Digital Throttle Revs its Engines with ReactX

unnamed-1 Bryan Robb is the Founder and President of Digital Throttle, a vertical ad network that provides online advertising solutions across a highly-focused community of websites. Prior to founding Digital Throttle, Robb led aftermarket online sales for Source Interlink Media, the parent company of over 60 iconic brands such as Hot RodMotor Trend, and Motorcyclist. The Makegood recently spoke with Robb about the joint efforts between Digital Throttle and ReactX. 

The Makegood: As the President of Digtal Throttle, you know quite a bit about what sort of advertising is needed to really showcase the company. Could you elaborate on what your company does, and how you utilize ReactX in your strategy?

We focus on vehicle enthusiast markets, automotive, motorcycle and motorsports. Our target advertiser sells aftermarket products, those “want-to-have” items that make your vehicle go faster, look better and make it safer. Our client products are discretionary and benefit from non-standard and unique ads. Smaller advertisers realize they are competing for share of voice with Fortune 100 brands on most pages, so using ReactX units is a great way to rise above them and stand out.

The Makegood: To what extent has ReactX been a part of Digital Throttle’s attempt to increase the amount of views on an automotive based advertisement?

They’ve been great partners, especially with the technical implementation. Anytime you go “beyond the banner,” you’re going to faced compatibility issues. Their UI is really easy to use, and being integrated with AppNexus as a native app has been critical to our implementations.

The Makegood: Prior to utilizing ReactX, how did Digital Throttle advertise? In other words, what was the reason Digital Throttle felt a need to bring on ReactX?

We’re a small focused network. But we’re able to develop very custom, high-impact campaigns for our clients by using ReactX units. But we’re not a technology house. Building out custom ad units and implementations across hundreds of sites just is not possible. We’ve tried working with large rich-media vendors, but you’re always starting from scratch and each project is a one-off. With ReactX we’re able to focus on the creative aspects and leave the IT issues to others.

The Makegood: What do you see for the future of Digital Throttle and ReactX? Do you believe that this will be an ongoing relationship?

Absolutely. We’ve pretty much stuck with Side Skins, but we plan to roll out implementations for new units such as footers and interstitials. We also have a small video network, and we’re working with ReactX to testing how our video player could appear as an interstitial.

The Makegood: How will you change in the coming months after better understanding ReactX’s strategy?

I think we’re still not utilizing all their units and should spend more time learning about their upcoming plans.

The Makegood: Thank you, Bryan.

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