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We Are Living in a Cookiless World…

JuliePreisHeadshot Julie Preis is was recently appointed to Senior Vice President of Product Management at PulsePoint, an advertising technology and content creation company that owns one of the largest transparent programmatic exchanges in the industry. Prior to joining PulsePoint, Julie spearheaded the development of the best in class mobile ad platform at Mocean. The Makegood recently spoke with Julie about her goals for her new role.

The Makegood: Congratulations on being appointed to SVP Product Management at PulsePoint. What will your role as SVP entail? Will you have a particular focus or emphasize a particular area in strategy?

Without giving away too much from my playbook, I’m ultimately going to be focused on creating efficiency in the market for customers;  that is what programmatic is about, after all.  As media consumption patterns shift, existing monetization and consumer engagement models also shift.  My strategy is to leverage PulsePoint’s unique programmatic and content marketing solutions to address the variance the market is experiencing as this shift occurs.

The Makegood: You bring experience as both a developer of mobile ad serving platform as well as a company founder. How will these experiences help you in your role with PulsePoint? What unique knowledge can you bring to the team?

If mobile is teaching us anything, it’s how to live in a cookieless world.  I spent the last five years solving problems in digital advertising where the lack of cookies was not simply an inconvenience—it was a reality.  I’m looking forward to integrating all of the knowledge and experience I gained there into the PulsePoint product/tech stack to begin rolling out solutions that address the pain points the industry is experiencing as the cookie loses relevance.

The Makegood: With more media consumption moving to the mobile universe, how will you adapt a strategy to take advantage of the growing form of advertising?

I don’t look at mobile as a growing form of advertising, I look at mobile as a way to reach a consumer directly.  There is an inherent one-to-one relationship with a mobile device that hasn’t existed prior.  I do think we need to consider the consumer interaction with the device and how connecting with a user on a mobile device differs from other forms of advertising.

The Makegood: How will you adjust your strategies to no longer heavily rely on third-party cookies to gain information on your audience?

Using third-party cookies isn’t a strategy as much as an implementation.  We cannot rely on cookies, but we need audience data in order to assign value to the impressions in our exchange.  Right now there is a ton of mobile inventory that cannot be monetized because no one can figure out how to value it.  I plan to implement many of the cookie-independent technologies and methodologies I used at Mocean Mobile so that PulsePoint will also be able to solve this problem for our customers in the immediate.

The Makegood: As a programmatic company in a growing industry, how will PulsePoint stand out from its competitors?

We at PulsePoint are looking at the market challenges holistically – we are not trying to shoehorn old models to address new challenges.  Consumer engagement is very different on a mobile device than on a desktop device; users consume video differently than they do a mobile gaming app.  Injecting efficiency into the existing paradigm is not enough. We have to help brands connect with their audiences and consumers, regardless of the device or media type.

The Makegood: Thank you, Julie.