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How to Increase Views on your Promotions with the CoPromote Platform

mike Mike More is the CEO and Founder of CoPromote, a co-marketing platform to help people connect with new audiences and increase their social shares on Facebook and Twitter. More also founded Selectable Media, a distributed media company. The Makegood recently spoke with More about CoPromote.

The Makegood: CoPromote is a great way to share promotions online. Could you elaborate on how this works, and why there was a need for such a platform?

Content marketers (YouTubers, Bloggers, Small Business Owners Musicians, DJs, Artisans, Brands) need social media to distribute and share their content. Paid media is effective, but does not drive social sharing at scale. These people share with their existing audiences, but, on average, only .06% of their followers will share. What CoPromote does is help content creators scale social sharing easily. We share our users’ social posts with a network of over 350,00 like-minded content creators who then share those posts with their followers. For the first time, this enables content creators with networks of all sizes to reach beyond their follower base. All sharing on CoPromote is 100% opt-in.  The creators in our network preview and curate all social posts, and only share what they would normally share with their followers. Members of CoPromote earn credits for sharing posts, which they use to compensate other members to sharing their posts.

The Makegood: How successful have promoters been whilst using CoPromote, and what tools are available to the platforms users?

We are the only place on the web where you can reach new people free. From an ROI perspective, we have a 100% success rate with our users. We have helped drive app installs for mobile developers, sell fashion merchandise, drive awareness for causes and organizations, like UNICEF, and break many well known artists – one of whom won a Grammy last year (Imagine Dragons). We have helped over 350,00 content creators reach hundreds of millions of new people. Our members share over 20 million messages daily. Most other social tools fall into one of two buckets: what to share, and when to share. Both are optimizing your existing social audience, but do not address how to reach new people to share your content.

The Makegood: What technology is implemented in order for CoPromote to efficiently work? What other social platforms does CoPromote work with?

Our algorithm matches content creators’ social posts with members who are most likely to share them. We currently support Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr and have seamless integration with WordPress, SoundCloud and Vimeo.  In the near future, we will be adding YouTube, Instagram, and Linkedin.​

The Makegood: Is there a particular market that CoPromote targets, or is the platform useful for all markets? What sort of results have you seen come from businesses using CoPromote?

CoPromote is useful for all content creators and rewards members with great content. The members with the best content get the most shares and the most out of CoPromote. On average we can help our members get 26x more new shares per social post. As members use CoPromote, we help them build a network of people who like and share their content. CoPromote members who share content from fellow members are 97% likely to share content from that member a second time.

The Makegood: What do you see for the future of CoPromote? What are your goals for the company, and will you be developing any new technologies or processes?

We see CoPromote continuing to connect great content creators to help them reach and engage new audiences. CoPromote is growing radially – our near term goal is to continue to grow our network and make sharing better for our members. We are launching a mobile app so our members can CoPromote anytime and anywhere.

The Makegood: Thank you, Mike.