The Social Side of the World Cup

KassowayThis year’s World Cup is projected to be the first truly social Cup. Marketers will be connecting with their consumers through #hashtags, “brand newsrooms” will be abuzz with trending topics and consumers will be prompted to share those remarkable ads across their networks — all in an effort to seize real-time opportunities and become part of the social conversation during the World Cup.

We leveraged our social influence marketing and insights platform to poll 850+ men and women and found that 74.2% of viewers expect to be on social media while watching the games. They’ll likely be very active with 47% posting about their favorite teams/players and 42% posting about their favorite ads.

Move over Nike and Adidas, you haven’t won just yet!  Let the games begin, and may the best social strategy win.

crowdtap_world_cup_infographic _

Crowdtap polled 850+ men and women in May 2014.

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Anna Kassoway is the Chief Marketing Officer at Crowdtap, the leading Social Influence Marketing Platform (SaaS) that makes it easy for marketers to inspire crowds of consumers to create quality content, drive unmatched social activity and provide real-time insights.