What will Simplixity do in the Growing Digital Landscape?

aaron-finnAaron Finn is currently the General Manager of Simplixity, CPXi’s combined media and platform business. Aaron was the former CEO of AdReady, a programmatic display platform acquired by CPXi. The Makegood recently spoke with Finn about his new position.

The Makegood: Congratulations on your position as Senior VP of CPXi and GM of Simplixity. This company is a combination of CPXi’s media and platform businesses. What does this entail and what will be your role as Senior VP?

Prior to the acquisition of AdReady, CPXi had a long-standing media business catering to global brands and agencies. AdReady had a programmatic media and creative solution serving primarily US mid-market brands and agencies. Bringing the two together, we are able to leverage the best of both and offer a global programmatic solution for our clients. That solution combines the global media reach of CPXi and the programmatic creative and media planning technology of AdReady to generate the greatest total return for our client’s digital marketing budgets. As SVP and GM of the Simplixity business group, I am tasked with helping the team drive the most effective solution for our clients, taking full responsibility for their digital budgets while integrating two previously independent groups.

The Makegood: Could you elaborate on how Simplixity serves its clients? How does this division add to CPXi as a whole?

Simplixity is a trusted media division for our clients, who expect us to manage their digital advertising budgets in the most efficient way, driving the most robust return on ad spend. This means navigating the complex landscape of digital advertising and identifying the most efficient path to the audiences they want to reach, while driving custom creative messages to those audiences at an effective cost. Simplixity brings a stable of branded clients that can take advantage of CPXi’s vast amount of publisher relationships and programmatic supply side inventory.

The Makegood: How do you determine the way in which the product you are responsible for will be exposed to and ultimately received by the market?

A majority of our exposure comes through existing client referrals, either from Simplixity clients, some of whom have been with us for more than six years, but also the clients on the supply side of our business, bRealTime. We receive a great amount of exposure from our larger partnerships with ESPN and Yahoo!, which have both been in existence for more than five years. In terms of how our product is received in the market, it is based on each client’s needs. Given the efficiency of the solution, we can offer a client any number of products for their needs, from a straight IO based media buy to a fully automated creative suite that can develop hundreds of creative for 100 small targeted audience buys. This sort of flexibility allows us to be able to solve many of our clients needs.

The Makegood: With programmatic becoming a more prevalent and highly evolving advertising technology, how will you keep Simplixity and CPXi up to speed?

That is easy; we will let our clients drive our innovation. As our largest clients drive our need to test new technologies, media sources, data providers, etc., what we find is that if we can scale those offerings down to our smaller clients, they tend to spend more, stay longer and generate a much better return on ad spend. We have sub $1,000 re-targeting campaigns that will run for 1 week for a particular sport’s team upcoming game with custom creative and drive actual ticket sales. Previously, a client like that would not have been able to implement such a targeted campaign and creative. 

The Makegood: What do you see in your future at Simplixity, as well as in the future of the company?

Oh we are just getting started. With the acquisition still less than 9 months old, the Simplixity business is not even out of version 1.0 yet. Couple that with the reach and scale of CPXi and bRealTime’s publisher business and you have the makings of a single point solution that can bring advertisers into direct contact with publishers with targeted messaging that reaches every individual audience. 2015 and beyond will be a huge growth opportunity for Simplixity. In terms of my future, I am, first, grateful and second, extremely excited to be a part of the team…to be involved in the success and a witness to what a combined demand and supply side business can do in today’s digital landscape.

The Makegood: Thank you, Aaron.

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