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SightSoundEmotion: A New Home for Cause-Based Video Content

ellyn corey Corey Weiner is currently the COO of Jun Group. The company gets millions of people to see branded content through two products: traffic and video. Weiner helped found Jun Group whilst in High School, and worked with the company throughout college. He was also a consultant for both Sony and the Federal Government. Ellyn Fisher is the Vice President of Public Relations and Social Media at Ad Council, an American non-profit organization that produces, distributes and promotes public service announcements on behalf of various sponsors. Prior to Ad Council, Ellyn worked at Middleberg Euro RSCG, where her clients included Lending Tree, Western Union, and Reuters. The Makegood recently spoke with both Corey and Ellyn about the launch of SightSoundEmotion.

The Makegood: Jun Group and the Ad Council recently launched SightSoundEmotion (SSE), an innovative new way to generate exposure for worthy causes. Could you elaborate more on SSE? How was the model developed, and why?

Corey Weiner, COO of Jun Group: Jun Group has supported various causes since we started the company. We created as a new home for cause-based video content, to educate audiences and inspire action. We also drive awareness by promoting the site through our Overdrive traffic platform. is a project that everyone can feel good about – including the people who click and watch.

The Makegood: In conjunction with Ad Council, Jun Group is advocating positive social change. Why is the channel for these messages?

Corey: We wanted to create a digital platform that exclusively focused on connecting causes to viewers. is a credible, brand safe environment for causes to tell their stories. The site also provides brands the opportunity to align with causes and social awareness through advertising.

The Makegood: What sort of causes have Jun Group and Ad Council worked with thus far? Have these causes seen significant impact from their digital efforts?

Corey: launched with videos from Autism Awareness, Bullying Prevention, Emergency Preparedness and Recycling, to name a few. We’re providing free video exposure for the Ad Council’s 50 causes, while giving brands a safe, premium environment in which to run pre-roll video ads. is expected to drive 4-5 million monthly video views, and will scale upward over time.

The Makegood: The well-developed public service advertising category is an optimal vessel to communicate critical messages. What sort of critical messages do both Jun Group and Ad Council plan to deliver in the future?

Ellyn Fisher, vice president, public relations and social media of Ad Council: Our PSAs and online videos get significant views online and the new SightSoundEmotion platform will provide additional exposure for our causes.  In addition, having the ability to include information and links to resources, along with the video content, will help drive visitors to take action.

We’ll continue to develop television PSAs that we’ll share with the Jun Group as soon as they’ve launched so they can post on the site.  Soon we’ll have new creative for campaigns including Fatherhood Involvement, Food Safety and Oral Health. To learn more about the Ad Council’s current work visit:

The Makegood: Thank you, Corey and Ellyn.