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Elisabeth Mischel Joins uSamp as Vice President

photoElisabeth Mischel is currently the Vice President of, focusing on client development and mobile research projects. delivers instant consumer insights with access to an on-demand audience of over 12 million people ready to give their real opinions. Elisabeth brings over fifteen years of knowledge to, with previous experience from Nielsen Catalina Solutions where she worked with brands such as Kellogg’s and Coca Cola. The Makegood recently spoke with Elisabeth about her new position as VP.

The Makegood: Congratulations on joining uSamp as Vice President for What drew you to the company, and what do you see in your future on

I have always been fascinated with young companies that challenge the status quo and working on is no exception. They entered the market research space at a time when the economy was struggling, built a massive online panel and developed innovative automation technology. The platform helped to democratize market research. Instead of locking insights up in a lengthy R & D process, made it easy for brand managers to connect with consumers, and introduced immediate feedback to a world that was used to waiting. uSamp is not another “me too” research firm adding more noise, but is a uniquely positioned technology company with one of the most engaged panels out there in the marketplace. I am fully invested in this platform that has a pivotal impact on consumer data collection.

The Makegood: What will your focus on client development and mobile research projects entail?

I am coming on during an interesting time in the company’s history. The platform’s foundation has been laid, tried and tested to the point where we know what works and what doesn’t. The technology is there, and my job is to help communicate its value to an audience that I understand: clients at consumer package goods and retail organizations. I am helping to establish and its mobile technology not as products, but as solutions. This distinction is important because it helps illuminate the value for clients who may not yet recognize the power of mobile capabilities. Traditional research relies on perceived behavior or simulated experiences.   Mobile research solves a real problem in marketing research by gathering data in more natural, real-world situations.  This minimizes consumer speculation on their own behavior and will improve accuracy of responses.

 The Makegood: How will your previous experience help you as VP at What will you bring to the company from your past experiences?

At IAG Research, I drove adoption of an entirely new approach to measure real-time advertising impact that helped lead to our eventual sale to Nielsen. I will most certainly apply this knowledge to the development of the platform. As a former marketer for major consumer brands, I am very familiar with the pain points of brand managers. I am excited to be providing them with immediate, affordable solutions. Brand managers don’t need more than another product. They need a solution. I want to reposition our products as such.

The Makegood: With your deep knowledge and understanding of the market research industry, what have you come to expect from the industry as a whole? Have you seen any trends, and will you be driving to take advantage of these trends?

I was a brand person who just happened to fall into market research, and ended up truly valuing the role it plays in product creation and development. Over the years, I’ve watched the evolution of data collection as the industry moved from pen and pencil to online. I see mobile research as the latest and greatest evolution. The ability for mobile to capture insights at the point-of-purchase, or “moment-of-truth”, is unparalleled, and the rich qualitative insights we’re able to gather with our smartphones will complement online surveys – all with the end goal of providing our clients with richer, more actionable data.

The Makegood: Technology is the driver behind the market research industry. Being so involved in this industry, have you taken advantage of the new technologies that have emerged?

I’m not sure if technology is the driver behind market research, but technology is a major and ever growing force that impacts consumer belief and behavior. Market research is all about the consumer, so staying in front of technology is essential to deep consumer understanding. is primed to be at the front of emerging mobile research trends and drive best practices in this area. It is our focus on technology that will allow us to fully harness the power in rich-media responses, in-context observations and location tracking that are uniquely suited to mobile devises. As a technology leader, will provide solutions that keep pace with the diverse and always changing mobile trends and reflect the dynamic tech-driven world our consumer lives in today.

The Makegood: Thank you, Elisabeth.

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