Lowe Campbell Ewald Welcomes Curtis Melville as Executive Creative Director

Curtis Melville_Lowe Campbell Ewald 2 Curtis Melville is currently the Executive Creative Director at Lowe Campbell Ewald, a full service, fully integrated advertising and marketing communications agency. Melville brings previous experience from Team Detroit, where he served as the Executive Vice President, Executive Creative Director. The Makegood recently spoke with Melville about his new position at Lowe Campbell Ewald.

The Makegood: Congratulations on being appointed to Executive Creative Director at Lowe Campbell Ewald. Could you elaborate on what this position entails, and why the position was created?

My job is essentially to oversee the daily operations of the creative department and free up Mark Simon, our Chief Creative Officer, to work more effectively across Lowe’s global network. Since I’ve spent most of my career in California and New York, I bring an outside perspective that will be helpful for existing clients as well as for new business. I’m looking forward to working with an incredibly talented team.

The Makegood: What sort of creative work will you be doing at the company? Will you be implementing any advertising technology throughout your creative processes?

Principally, my focus will be on the creative product, which will run the gamut given our range of clients. While implementation of ad tech is not the core of what I’ll be doing, it’s important to have a good feedback loop between tech and creative. Advertising technology in itself is not an insight or an idea, but it can inspire ideas and lead to new ways of reaching people and positively impacting the brand.

The Makegood: What have you learned from the creative world throughout your career? Have you used any particular strategies or tactics to further engage your creative juices?

In some ways, everything has changed about what we do, but in others, the job is exactly the same. Regardless of the media or the changing habits of the audience, we have to find ways to surprise people, to involve them and to make them reevaluate their lives and our brands. At its most basic, the job is about human insight and human connection – that will never change. The enormous shift we’ve seen in digital marketing just means we have more interesting ways of making that connection than we used to have.

The Makegood: What experience do you bring to Lowe Campbell Ewald from your previous positions? How will your experience in digital, social, branded content and retail efforts be helpful for this position?

During my career I’ve been fortunate to work with smart clients who have been very open to exploring any and all avenues to reach their target audience. I believe campaign ideas can start anywhere – content creation, social, traditional, mobile…you name it. In my new role, I think I’ll be able to apply this type of platform agnosticism and curiosity to the broad mix of clients here at Lowe Campbell Ewald, each of which has vastly different audiences and goals.

The Makegood: Where do you see the company in the next few years? How will the company further integrate advertising and marketing?

At the risk of sound self-serving, I think Lowe Campbell Ewald is poised for enormous success. It’s the virtuous version of a perfect storm – an improving economy, an amazing new office in a resurgent Detroit and an energetic and smart group of talented people, not to mention a new association with Lowe, which brings an infusion of global creativity and pride to the place. I’m really excited.

The Makegood: Thank you, Curtis.